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The way past Obama is dismantling the United Nations

December 11, 2012
Judi McLeod & Doug Hagmann
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UN FlagDefund and defang the all-powerful, omnipotent United Nations

The way to free America from the destructive administration of President Barack Hussein Obama is out there.

Four more years of Obama has left America in a massive depression with We the People feeling there is nothing left but to give up.

But giving up is never the answer when the way to free America, and in fact citizens of the world from Obama,  is to petition Canada—the nation that started it all—to dismantle the United Nations. Dismantling the United Nations is an end-around, out-of-the-box type of tactic that we have yet see anyone consider, yet could well be an effective method of neutering threats on multiple levels.

The ongoing plan to fundamentally transform America did not originate with Obama, who is merely the latest Agent of Change working to complete a UN agenda to implement One World Order (OWO).

The lights went out in America on November 6, but the darkness is also descending on the Free West.

The United Nations houses, down to the last one, all the advocates of One World Order and currently has a grip on civil society through its insidious Agenda 21.  The UN’s mission for OWO was stalled until their ‘Agent for Change’ was elected as US president in 2008.  The UN’s mission could not proceed with a strong and economically viable US as world leader and superpower.

The way back into the light rests in the dismantling of the UN.

If dismantling the UN sounds impossible,  someone called Mikhail Gorbachev arranged the dismantling of US military bases—from the comfort of a US-taxpayer bought-and-paid-for house at the San Francisco Presidio.

The wholesale dismantling of America’s military bases is a well-documented reality anyone can Google.

It started with the collapse of the Soviet Union, for which Gorbachev took credit.

While the curtain was coming down on Communism, the American Lib-Left was raising $3.5 million for Gorby’s soft landing in America at a celebrity-studded fundraiser at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.  Specifically, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Pew and Mellon Funds filled the coffers for the soft landing before Gorbachev even set foot in America as his chosen place to live while the Soviet Union was falling.

The Presidio was one of 90 military installations being closed under the Base Realignment Closure Act of 1988, an initiative launched by some of Gorbachev’s Democratic friends, many of whom like Nancy Pelosi remain in office to the present day.

In April 1993, Gorbachev became the first civilian tenant at the prestigious Presidio in San Francisco.  In a dedication ceremony, the former Soviet president and his wife were given the keys to the coast guard officer’s house by a three-star American general, where they were to run the Gorbachev Foundation.  The mission of the foundation was to conduct research on global, political and environmental issues.

All this for a guy who said in a speech to the Politburo in 1987 and never walked it back: “Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.”

The point here is that if 90 and still counting American military installations can be dismantled and gutted, why can’t the country who started it all be called upon to dismantle the United Nations?

More than any other country, Canada is responsible for the impact of the UN on the life of everyday citizens through the UN’s continuing implementation of Socialist One World Order.

Canada not only provided the architect of One World Order in the person of UN Poster Boy Number One Maurice Strong, it, more than any other nation, played the most major role in carrying the banner of the “New World Agenda” into the next century.

It may have been former president George Herbert Walker Bush who advocated for the NWO on camera, but it was Canada Prime Minister Jean Chretien who laid out its groundwork.

“In the words of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, ‘Canada is in the forefront of efforts to ensure that the United Nations is prepared for the challenges of the future’.  Indeed, his country’s involvement in the international globalization process has been extremely systematic.  Besides being the planetary meeting ground and sponsor for major sustainable development events, Canada has furthered the path to globalism by contributing to the environmental “intelligentsia”—the thought process undergirding the movement. Consider the following quotes from a 1992 meeting of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation:

“We need a unified one world order to replace the collectivity of nation states at the international level.  The Euro-American model which now dominates the world systematically disables people, destroys the earth and creates dependency on wage labour’.

“Canada believes the establishment of an international financial and economic system that is conducive to sustainable development must be a cornerstone of efforts to implement Agenda 21.” (Carl Teichrib,

Canada was a signatore to the original UN charter and has played a leading role in the UN-led peacekeeping operations ever since it was created in 1945.

In 2010, Canada lost its bid for a seat in the 2010 Security Council elections, its first failure to win a seat in the UNSC.

The original mission of the UN charter was “to maintain international peace and security”, a goal they have failed to achieve over 67 years.

Somewhere along the line the UN charter lost its compass on peace and security and morphed into environmentalism and control of the world population through the insidious Agenda 21.

Interesting to note that the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the UN, Maurice Strong-led Rio Earth Summit took place in 1992.

Integral to UN success is the reality of its octopus-like structure.  Faceless and monolithic in nature, the UN is the world’s largest bureaucracy.  Through its long, uninterrupted history, no country has been able to make the UN accountable.

With The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem the church its latest acquisition, the UN now legally owns most of the world’s historic and cultural sites by having them declared their heritage’ sites.

The all-encompassing Agenda 21 is only their latest front.

Cunning like all things Marxist, the world body ducks being cornered on Agenda 21’s danger to civil society by pretending it is only a nightmare dreamed up by conspiracy theorists.

The best definition of Agenda 21 belongs to Mark Edward Vande Pol, a former Agenda 21 planner for Santa Cruz, California: “This is Agenda 21.  The UN intends to control your life, through incremental mandates instituted by your local government bureaucracy.  You will never see it.  You will never vote on it.  No matter which path they use, the agencies can pen the new regulations under ‘threat’ of lawsuit and down the pipe it comes: the enforceable administrative rules without legislation.” (Italics CFP’s).

While Agenda 21 has been making its way through a veritable open field for decades, more writers have been documenting its danger to modern society.  CFP writers Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, author of UN Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy and Kelly O’Connell write about it.  The late Henry Lamb dedicated a lifetime to the impact of Agenda 21 on the masses, and that’s not counting so many others.

Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke’s new book about Agenda 21 has now hit the best sellers list.

Average citizens in the entire state of Alabama have forced Agenda 21 off the books of their local authorities and Arizona, New Hampshire, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana have joined the battle lines.

But the UN’s Agenda 21 is a world-wide initiative forcing control over global populations, bypassing federal governments and taking root in municipal/civic governments.

Canada, who signed the UN into creation, is in a position to dismantle it, and citizens fighting Agenda 21 should petition Ottawa, now governed by a the Stephen Harper Conservatives.

Does Canada have the power to defund and defang the all-powerful, omnipotent United Nations?  No better time than right now to find out.

Citizens fighting Agenda 21 will need leaders.  CFP suggest Glenn Beck should join forces with savvy Canadian journalist Brian Lilley of Sun Media fame, to forge the battle to dismantle the UN and Agenda 21.

Dismantling the UN would pull the rug under the feet of Obama, just given another four years, during which he intends to make record speed on the Fundamental Transformation of America.

Dismantling the UN would not only save and renew the West, it would lead the way to the one and only road to real peace in our lifetime.

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  1. December 12, 2012 1:32 am

    I would not only defund the U.N….I would kick their butts out of our country!

  2. December 11, 2012 9:35 am

    We shouldn’t need to defund it; let’s just storm it, like the French did the Bastille, and destroy it.


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