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Homeland Security is building a $4 billion 170-acre complex for 17,000 employees

December 4, 2012
Angel Clark
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The US Department of Homeland Security, despite budget cuts and construction delays, is planning to add 17,000 employees into its consolidated headquarters in southeast Washington. The department broke ground at their new headquarters in 2009 and was originally scheduled for completion in 2016. The new complex is now scheduled for completion in 2022.

The 4.5 million square-foot “federal mini-city for the Department of Homeland Security” on the site of the former infamous psychiatric St. Elizabeths Hospital and is the largest federal construction job since the pentagon was built in the 1940s. The construction of the project was originally expected to cost $3.4 billion but is now going to cost at least $4 billion and is expected to “create 16,000 direct construction jobs”. 14,000 employees were originally slated to work in the 170-acre complex. The DHS currently has 22,000 personal working at over 40 buildings in the Washington D.C. area.

The DHS claim they will attempt to save money by “ending leases and using telework and alternative work schedules to increase occupancy at the headquarters”. Only about 3,700 Coast Guard employees will be working at the huge complex until 2017. DHS will soon have its own city within the nation’s capital city.

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  1. December 4, 2012 10:26 am

    My opinion on this is if they can afford to build this center than they should be able to afford to build more prisons and a fence along the border with 35,000 soldiers posted.

    The B.O administration has been releasing prisoners in the U.S who are not citizens onto U.S soil rather than deporting them. Most of these dangerous criminals belong to gangs from South America. The reasoning for releasing them {they say} is overcrowding or is this B.O’s “million man army?”

    In 2009 in the stimulus package the B.O administration started a 250 million “tatoo removal program” has anyone heard anymore about this? Why has this administration stopped all deportation proceedings? Why is this administration cutting funding for the 287g Program? Why did the U.S sign a “small arms treaty” with the United Nations?


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