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Communist Party USA Pushing Obamanomics and Tax Increases

December 4, 2012
da Tagliare
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CPUSA-ObamaIt was no secret that the Communist Party USA had fully endorsed Barack Obama for re-election and they even helped campaign on his behalf.  Last month, they celebrated their victory in re-electing America’s first fully socialist president.

A month later and all attention has shifted from the election to the Bush era tax cuts and the fiscal cliff.  Community Party USA is also focusing on the fiscal cliff and doing everything they can to push Obama’s proposed tax increase.  They want to see the wealthy pay more taxes.  After all, it’s the communist way of doing things.

Communists always beat down the middle class until they are the same as the poverty level class.  At the same time, they do everything possible to take as much wealth as possible away from the wealthy to reduce them to the lower classes of people.

Communism thrives best when everyone is poor and dependent on the government for everything.  In keeping with this theme, Communist Party USA is also demanding that Obama fully fund the Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and every other government program that provides for everyone’s basic needs.  Keeping everyone dependent on the government is critical to the success of a communist government.  In a statement released by the Communist Party USA, they said:

“The national legislative struggle is the first challenge to continue the deep organizing that resulted in the election victory, in order to win priorities that benefit the 99 percent.”

“The will of the voters is being put to immediate test as the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations play out in Washington. Labor and the broad alliance that re-elected President Obama clearly supported an end to tax breaks for the wealthiest and keeping hands off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other basic human needs.”

Now realize that in Obama’s first four years that record numbers of Americans have dropped from middle class to poverty class.  Record numbers of Americans are also living on welfare, food stamps and disability.  Everything Obama has accomplished follows communist teachings to the letter.

So would it surprise you to know that the Communist Party USA will be holding a teleconference tomorrow night (Dec. 4) to help promote a Candlelight Campaign Against Cuts with the AFL-CIO and many other organizations to held Dec. 10.

The national committee of the Communist Party USA added:

“The outcome of this battle will set the framework for the next four years and have impact on the lives of ordinary working people for decades to come. Only the mobilized working people can stop the corporate offensive and begin to meet our needs. The unity of the broad, inclusive and diverse alliance that won this year’s election victory should now be directed to reaching out in every community and workplace to bring the message to Congress in a strong and public way. We urge immediate participation in this critical struggle.”

“It is cruel and divisive to whip up hysteria around the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ crisis. The calls to make benefit cuts to Social Security and Medicare go in the opposite direction of the mandate delivered by the majority of voters on November 6. The message of the election clearly was: tax the wealthy more and protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

“We support calls for a financial transaction tax, for closing the capital gains loophole and increasing tax rates on millionaires to the level of the prosperous 1960s, and cutting the level of Pentagon spending in order to meet pressing domestic priorities that create jobs.”

It seems Comrade Obama has a lot of support from all of the communists in the nation and probably many others in other countries.  If anyone had any doubt about Obama’s communist agenda, I trust they no longer have any doubt.  I truly believe that his sole purpose is to transition America, the land of the free to America, land of the oppressed.  And I want you to remember one thing, very few communist countries have open free elections.  As corrupt as this last election was, it may well be the last one we will ever see.

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    December 8, 2012 1:48 pm

    Historically communists play rough when not resisted. In Poland the communists threw homeowners out to move Communists in. Poland communists were able to organize rapid support for a communist takeover by offering Poland’s downtrodden and criminals the property of others accused of being better off. Communist looters were told by their handlers they could keep whatever they could confiscate. Suddenly e.g. homeowners were found dead hanging from their dinning room chandeliers; their homes stripped. Increasingly in the U.S. there are reports of mobs taking over convenience stores with occupants stating, (We own this place) while taking merchandise.

    Marxist elements have penetrated some unions influencing unions not to think in rational economic terms when pressuring employers to agree to payment and benefit plans. Marxist union members may consider destruction of an employer as a bump in the road to achieving a leftist ideological objective. Obama’s presence in the White House appears to inspire socialists and communists that want to destroy the quality of life of most Americans. Patriot Americans are trapped in an escalating ideological War with leftists nationally and in U.S. Government that intend a Marxist/socialist blitz or worse on the principals that made America great.

    I believe Communists in general should be identified because some Reds want to overthrow the United States Government; confiscate Americans’ Property and Freedom. It is foreseeable that politically things in America might radically change, Americans might demand the arrest of large numbers of communists, including those in U.S. Government believed to threaten national security, especially communists proven linked to a foreign power that wants to harm America.

  2. December 5, 2012 12:46 am

    This is a democratic USA one cannot stop who support our leaders. One can also say the Nazi, Neo-Con war crazy back the republicans. It is our responsibility as citizen to see to it they do not gain the power to force our leaders into actions we will not tolerate, that you do by exposing them. And here you opened my major issue, people serving in Congress with dual agendas that are contrary to the true interest of the USA….my biggest fight, as I fought the far left in Congress as well as the far Right. Unfortunately they are allways there lurking among our Legislators. And I always say,”don’t hit the President unless he is the source HIT THE CONGRESS AND YOUR CONGRESSMAN and check them before you vote.

  3. December 5, 2012 12:29 am

    Harold I simply have to correct a common error. Obama, whatever it is that guides him, is not Communism or Marxism. He is fix on the Middle Class. Marxism despised the Middle Class.

  4. genomega1 permalink
    December 4, 2012 11:48 am

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Communist Party USA Pushing Obamanomics and Tax Increases

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