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Dem Maryland Comptroller: Unpatriotic to Shop Online

December 2, 2012
Breitbart News
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OnlineShoppingLeave it to local government to rip on internet shoppers for trying to find bargains. Yesterday, Maryland’s comptroller, Peter Franchot, made this absurd statement: “Online shopping is convenient, but unpatriotic. If you live in Maryland, get off the internet and come down and patronize these wonderful local businesses.” Franchot says that online shopping takes business away from local stores, and hurts state tax revenues.

Which, of course, is the point of shopping online. If you can avoid state tax legally, why not do it? But Democrats don’t understand that perverse incentive, and thus continue to raise tax rates across the nation, driving business and consumers elsewhere. Franchot and other Democrats, meanwhile, attempt to push a federal measure that would make all online purchases subject to state sales tax for the state of the consumer, thereby eliminating the competition.

No wonder so many businesses are moving abroad, and out of Democrat-dominated states.

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  1. December 2, 2012 11:54 pm

    This issue will keep coming up. Patriotism has to be specified, usually connected with country of citizenship. From that we deduct that when you serve the Federal government one owes loyalty to the USA only as specified in the statement that you can not pledge allegiance to two Masters hence dual citizenship that requires a pledge of allegiance
    is a renunciation of US citizenship. That goes without question. Now does a pledge to serve your State takes precedence over the Federal government? And does the Constitution allow a Political party the same pledge as a State or Federal. I would say “NO” because there is no tie between the Party and the State or the Federal. Well, can a State draft its citizens in a war against the Federal Government? Since both can draft a CITIZEN your loyalty must decide but unless your state has citizenship and we do not Patriotism describe as love of country of birth or citizenship is still left to the individual to decide. In a divorce the child cannot decide. If a State secede how can the State decide where it has authority to claim one as they citizen. Much to be done, quite serious. I believe the word LOYALTY to the State would be more appropriate. Until then a driver license is our “citizenship” evidence or that state???. Until then if a war breaks out which uniform would you plan to wear? That determine your patriotism and loyalty to the pledge. MMMM. So much yet undone.

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