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Boston Tea Party Was Act of Terrorism Says New School Lesson Plan

November 30, 2012
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NEAOne of the single most important events leading up to our declaring independence from Great Britain was the Boston Tea Party.  The event was an act of rebellion against the British taxation of the American colonists without having any representation in Parliament.  It was a protest demonstration designed to send a message to the British crown that we were not going to just do nothing while they levied undue taxes on us.

At least that is what I was taught and have always heard.  However, history revisionists who have been doing their best to re-write American history are portraying the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism and not a political protest.

A lesson plan now available to school teachers in Texas is being promoted by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative.  This collaborative is a non-profit K-12 curriculum provider in Texas who received $25 million from the state funding last year.

According to a report, part of the lesson plan reads:

“A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port.  Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities.”

“It is believed that the terrorist attack was a response to the policies enacted by the occupying country’s government. Even stronger policies are anticipated by the local citizens.”

If the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, then so was the entire Revolutionary War which would make George Washington the leading terrorist.  All of our nation’s early leaders would also be considered terrorists instead of patriots and liberators.

Groups like the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative are constantly trying to re-write history to take out any Christian and patriotic references and influences.  Revisions like the Boston Tea Party help undermine American exceptionalism that used to be taught.  Instead, it makes everything about America to be evil and vile to the rest of the world.

So many public school textbooks and lessons plans today are geared on teaching our children all about globalism and one world economy and so on.  The same text books teach that American capitalism is bad and responsible for many of the problems in our nation and the world.  They no longer teach patriotism or national pride.  I just found out that my granddaughter who is in the fifth grade in public school has never been taught the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem at school.

By the time this generation finishes school, America, if there is an America left by then, will certainly become part of the one-world globalism effort.  America, land of the proud will become land of the enslaved and our children and grandchildren will never get to experience the greatness we once were.

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    November 30, 2012 11:32 am

    I believe any persons involved trying to rewrite children’ U.S. History Books that are connected with Communists or communists groups, should publicly be identified because they may have a conflict of interest with the truth, why Americans fought in the American revolution e.g. to be free of British rule.

    I believe Communists in general should be identified because some Reds want to overthrow the United States Government; confiscate Americans’ Property. It is foreseeable in the future that politically things could radically change, that Americans could support at large the arrest of communists, including those in U.S. Government believed to threaten national security, especially where proven linked to a foreign power that wants to harm America.

  2. November 30, 2012 8:10 am

    And, so far, what are we “sunshine patriots” doing about this slide into utopian oblivion? Precious little except complain, whine and lick our wounds. Time for united ACTION! No more pussyfooting. All “patriotic” orgs should link up, get organized and take bold unified action to stop this crap. For myself, I’ve been trying to spearhead just such a unifying effort in my area with absolutely zero success. Seems “patriots” are “too distracted by the holidays” and “burned out” to even respond to calls for a convening. Deeply frustrating.

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