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House Dems: GOP ‘Battering,’ ‘Mugging’ Rice Because She’s a Black Woman

November 17, 2012
Ben Shapiro
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Today, the Democrats opened their playbook to page 213 – the section labeled “Racism and Sexism” – and read directly from it with regard to Ambassador Susan Rice. Rice has been under fire, justifiably, for lying to the American public on the Sunday after the murder of four Americans in Benghazi; President Obama has defended her in bizarre fashion, suggesting that she cannot be criticized because she is “an easy target” and was acting on his orders anyway.

Now, the Democrats of the House have decided that the real reason Americans are attacking Rice isn’t her incompetence, or her lying. It’s that she’s a woman, and she’s black.

Today, twelve female members of the House suggested that Rice was under scrutiny because she’s a black woman. “It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities,” said Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH), who will be taking over the Congressional Black Caucus. Fudge conveniently ignores that one of Rice’s main critics has been Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who is female. She also ignores that President Obama is black, and that he has been criticized for his poor performance for years.

But it got worse. Completely ignoring Ayotte’s involvement in the anti-Rice movement, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) actually likened attacks on Rice’s fitness for office to physical assault. “To batter this woman because they don’t feel they have the ability to batter President Obama is something we the women are not going to stand by and watch,” she stated. “Their feckless and reckless speculation is unworthy of their offices as senators.” Eleanor Holmes Norton, the DC delegate, followed that one up with this: “We will not allow a brilliant public servant’s record to be mugged to cut off her consideration to be secretary of state.”

Mugged? Battered? How about the four dead Americans in Benghazi? Are they relevant? Or are the Democrats simply too busy with their despicably divisive tactics to pay attention to the corpses in those flag-draped coffins?

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  1. November 18, 2012 1:22 am

    Not arguing the constant lament of persecution. I personally have a dislike for constant wining and playing the victim card, same goes to Netanyahu who uses it as a money beggar we see at street corners. It comes from my upbringing,if one has any pride they never admit to being victim, poor little me, they fight or move on. But we cannot deny that racism and prejuice does exist. People have likes and dislikes for various reasons but I have heard too many reamarks to deny that for some people, brought up believing in racial superiority, find it hard to accept Obama, or any person of color that achieve success above their own.
    Personally I do not think it would be a good idea to appoint her secretary of state because of the global share of any kind of “racism” or religion or what have you that exist..
    My reason is that it is a snobbish world out there and, unlike Clinton, she has no personal record of power and high level contacts. That goes for most women, there is also Woman prejudice. The global situation is too complex right now and she does not have the experience to stand up to it in the manner that is required. It would not be fair to her. She does not have the “arrogance” of Condi Rice.
    Now, let sets this straight, because the behaviour of those Republicans during the Obama time has been sickening, In their effort to find any thing to hang him they are making perfect asses of themselves showing their abysmal ignorance of historical facts to give them a proper judgment of any situation. We are not all ignorant idiots in the Middle Class.
    I happen to ave a Phd. in Internatinal Politics but the argument I heard are below high school.
    Ms. Rice did not lie. The Tape did cause the riots and protest all over the region and have done so several time before including that Preacher burning of the Koran. So it was a sure bet that the Video would cause riots. My argument is why did they not ask those four Jewish billionaire that paid for the Film what they were after and what was their intent.
    It was no secret that Libya had some groups of very violent people supporter of the Sons of the former dictator still active and taking advantage of every chance. It also came out during the fighting that Benghazi had some El Qaeda people because Bin Laden had plans for that area. It was also know that Netanyahu paid African mercenaries to come and fight for Gaddafi (yes against the proptester and us) It was also known that Israel had sent their special forces there and Mossad to make sure Libya would remain friendly and continue to sell gas to Israel, most of all, as in Cairo, keep the Brotherhood from gaining power. Israel had good relations with the military in Libya and wanted them to kepp power. So there were lots of poeple happy to see violence break out so they could take control again. The issue is using the word terrorist, the protester and anti proptester fought hard but were hardly professional terrorist. The name El Qaeda is now popular and used by all violent groups planning terrorism. Like the Mafia, we had an Italian Mafia but we soon had Jewish mafia Russian Mafia Mexican Mafia. El Qaeda is a convenient name that causes terror and that is what they want.
    Next, the CIA had some prisoners in those compound, what kind of prisoners? Surely during turmoil their fellow terrorist would try to free them.
    The tape was the fuse, what was not known, and we are still not told is who planned the attack and got those people ready when the protest started.
    So, Ms. Rice was telling the facts, that tape was causing protest in Cairo and all over what happen lather and why a popular person like the ambassador was chosen, it was obvous the target was the CIA building. Next question: why was the task given to Rice it was Hillary’s job. Obama defeded her sharply moslty he was getting tired, as we all
    are, of McCain and Graham meddling, busy serving the Jewish lobby and Netanyahu plan to get rid of Obama, I don’t think Obama even saw those notes. And since McCain had been to Libya a few time trying to be the big leader of those CIA and mercenaries, well….did he encourage resistance? Mc Cain did not like the Arab Spring because of Israel.
    So pay attention to Gaza now, Netanyahu still wants his big war there to take down Iran’s government. Like Pat Buchanan I ask “how any countries do you want us to take out for you”

  2. November 17, 2012 9:46 am

    I thought the race card had been played already, but obama must still have decks of them left. Obama is the biggest racist of them all; and that includes Jesse Jackson,Rev Wright, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Valerie Jarrett, ad nauseum.

    • Anonymous permalink
      November 17, 2012 5:40 pm

      I having the same problem with Asian-Americans, especially Filipino-Americans. Now they are all hell bent in portraying the white citizens of this country to be nothing more but evil. If America was such an evil country why come here in the first place? If America becomes a nation of nothing but minorities, it’s not going to be any better than the countries that these people came from .

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