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“I Don’t Have to Pay Rent Because I’m Me”

November 17, 2012
da Tagliare
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One of the biggest problems with America at the moment is the amount of people receiving and abusing entitlements. Last year alone United States spent $746 billion on welfare. That was more than what was spent on Social Security. It was also more than was spent on basic defense of United States. States contributed another $283 billion to welfare programs making the grand total spent on welfare in America to be $1.03 trillion.

And it’s only getting worse!

Some people cannot help but be on welfare while many others abuse the system as much as they possibly can. A prime example of the abuse of the welfare system can be seen by the young college student in this clip from an episode of Judge Judy:

That young man was receiving $22,000 a year for college tuition plus $1000 a month for living expenses plus $437 a month for rent, all paid by us taxpayers. And did you notice what he was doing with the money? None of the rent money was going for rent. He admitted that he was just spending it on himself, because after all, he was who he was. He didn’t feel that he needed to pay rent where he was living, because the young lady was blessed by just him being there.

Sadly this is a common attitude among many of today’s younger people who have been brought up on entitlements and feel that everybody owes them everything. This is also a shining example of many of the people that voted for Obama last week. However I have to disagree with Judge Judy’s decision to dismiss the entire case. The reason the young lady wasn’t paying her rent was because the young man was not giving her the rent money that us taxpayers were giving him. I believe he should have been ordered to pay all the back rent instead of just dismissing the whole case.

I firmly believe that welfare and other entitlement programs need to be revised, revamped and strictly enforced. In order for someone to continue to receive welfare money for rent they must show the receipts for when they used that money to pay the rent.  After receiving the $22,000 a year for college, like that dead beat, he should have to show receipts and all expenditures in order to receive the same amount for the next year.

In other words if recipients of welfare and entitlements were forced to show proof of the use of those entitlements and welfare in order for it to continue, I believe that would go a long way to cleaning up the entire system and save the states and country billions of dollars. It may also force a lot of people to actually have to work and support themselves when they find they can no longer get the entitlements and sit on their lazy butts doing nothing. Perhaps this could have more of an impact on our economy than trying to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year as the president so desires.

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