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As It Was In The Days Of Noah

November 16, 2012
J. D. Longstreet
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If I were a country instead of an old man, and if I were an enemy of America, I’d be making my plans to move on the limp-wristed bunch of wimps that compose the “has-been” nation of the United States today. If the recent election proved anything, it proved that Americans are exactly what our enemies have been claiming we are for sometime now. Weak, lazy, dependent, with no gumption, no ambition, and yes, impotent.

In short, modern Americans are a pitiful lot, ripe for the picking. And believe you me, as the low hanging fruit that we are today, we WILL BE harvested — and soon.

We just saw in the international press recently that Russia, our age-old enemy is gearing up for war with America. China our other arch enemy, at least since the Korean War, is also equipping itself to take America’s place as the leading military on the globe. They too, will not shy away from a chance to take a shot at us.

Iran is more than ready for a conflict with America. They have even suggested they will start it if we don’t.

North Korea has the US west coast zeroed-in on their nuclear missile sights and they are just waiting for the right moment.

The host of terrorist organizations set on the destruction of the United States know they had better hurry before we Americans do the job for them and obliterate ourselves.

Our friends? Well, some are fair weather friends. That is always to be expected. But all of America’s allies would be less than responsible if they were not reevaluating their alliances with us. Who wants to be friends with a country walking around with a big “Kick Me” sign taped to its back?

See, the people running America today are intent on disassembling “America the Superpower.” They mean to take America down to the level of the countries we have been protecting since the early 1900’s. That raises the obvious question — WHO will protect the US, huh?

Since Tuesday November 6th, I have read piece after piece, article after article, commentary after commentary, declaring how America will survive Obama. No matter how bad it gets, America will survive. Frankly, that is pure, unadulterated, horse hockey!

Look, the America of my youth certainly WOULD have survived. But, today’s America is not THAT America. Today’s America is but a shadow of the great USA of the 1940’s and 1950’s, even the 1960’s when we could walk on other planets and were preparing to explore the stars. Now we have to bum a ride to that tin can space station in a vehicle supplied by one of our oldest enemies — Russia.

It is more than embarrassing, it is humiliating — and for my generation — it is disgusting!

Look, a people who will buy into the Global Warming HOAX will buy anything. Obama’s reelection proved that!

Yes, I AM ASHAMED of what America has become. We have gone from a “can-do” country to a “hand-out” country, a nanny state, a pitiful washed-up wreak of a country just waiting for a strongman dictator to take advantage of our lazy, apathetic, dependent state to walk in and takeover. (Think I’m overstating my case? Take a look at 20th century Germany.)

What the hey? Why doesn’t Obama, like one of his dictator friends, just name himself “President For Life” and be done with it? I expect it has crossed his mind and the “collective” consciousness of those minions and sycophants who surround him continuously (while loading his teleprompter with classic propaganda right out of the Communist Manifesto).

Look. America is more vulnerable than she has been since the Spanish-American War. Our military is dog tired. Our war-fighting materiel is depleted. Our troops are demoralized from not being allowed to win the wars they have given their blood and their friends lives for and for which they may yet be called upon to give their own life.

The troops understand they have lost a tremendous amount of public support since homosexuals have been allowed to openly serve in the military. Many will not re-up when their current enlistments are ended.

Over all, our military is in a downward spiral and they are about to be gutted even further when sequestration kicks in after the first of the year. America will be,  for all intents an purposes, wide open to attack.

There are, as I see it, two primary reasons we are in our current state of oblivion to reality — our Public Education System, and the plague of Political Correctness that infested our society immediately following the Second World War. One can certainly add to the list things like multiculturalism, diversity, and even tolerance.

Our public education system has become one of the worst, if not THE worst, in the world. It no longer educates, it indoctrinates our children in leftist ideology. Don’t believe me? How the heck do you think Obama was elected a second time??

Our scholars are dumb as fence posts! To them the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are some abstract, ethereal, myth from the dark ages. They do not apply to us today. Heck, I bet they couldn’t find Washington, DC on a map!

America’s public education system should be scraped and education in American should be privatized with each state contacting with private companies to provide schools in their respective states with contractual stipulations that there would be no teachers unions allowed anywhere near those schools.

Political correctness is nothing more than camouflage netting thrown over truth. It makes us feel good about ourselves even after we have become the wretches we are today. It prevents us for correcting our errors because it hides those errors and their consequences from us and it also precludes learning from our mistakes dooming us to continually commit the same mistakes over and over again.

I don’t offer these as excuses. There is NO EXCUSE for the state America is in today.

Since last Tuesday, November 6th, I think I have gotten some real insight into how Noah (of the biblical flood) must have felt toward the people he was living among. His warnings of disaster were laughed at. Noah was held up to derision, made the butt of all sorts of nasty jokes and called crazy and insane when he began to build a boat in the middle of a desert. All of Noah’s fellowmen, save for his family, chose death rather than change the direction of their lives — or — even build their own boat! How frustrated, how disappointed, how heartsick Noah must have felt.

Here we are in America, thousands and thousands of years later — and NOTHING has changed.

Christ, Himself, warned us that the end times would resemble the the days of Noah. He warned that people would be going about their lives, “marrying and giving in marriage,” living moment to moment, totally oblivious to the disaster just over the horizon, even though a myriad of latter day Noachian prophets were/are screaming the warning.

Inevitability has finally caught up with America. There is no escape. It is now a time of reckoning, a time for “settling up.” But not to worry. Look closely at the line marked “Amount due.” You will see: Liberty & Freedom. That’s all.

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