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Why Texas would flourish as an independent Republic based on liberty, not debt

November 15, 2012
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Citizens from all 50 U.S. states have now filed petitions with the White House asking for “peaceful secession” from the union. According to Daily Caller, more than 675,000 petition signatures have now been collected.

The Texas petition now has over 100,000 signatures, and more signatures are appearing by the hour.

It raises the practical question: Could Texas survive as a nation state if it secedes from the union?

The short answer is YES.

No state is better positioned than Texas to fend for itself

As you’ll see here, Texas is unquestionably the state best positioned to function as its own nation. Here’s why:

  • Texas is a fiercely independent culture. It has already been its own nation, the Republic of Texas, from 1836 to 1846.
  • Texas is the only state with its own independent power grid.
  • Texas can grow more than enough food to feed itself (and trade with neighboring states).
  • Texas is the energy empire of America, with massive resources of natural gas, petroleum, solar and wind. It contains the largest untapped oil reserves in North America, save for Alaska.
  • Texas has physical possession of America’s oil refineries. (Key strategic resource!)
  • Texas has abundant technology and telecommunications. It is the “silicon valley” of the South.
  • Texas has the basic infrastructure of a space program. The Apollo program, after all, was based out of Houston.
  • Texas has a ready labor force.
  • Texas has abundant natural resources, including water, soil, sunlight and seeds. There are 15 major rivers that run through Texas.
  • Texas has manufacturing know-how and a “can-do” culture of practical people who know how to solve problems.
  • Texas has multiple shipping ports and international airports, allowing high-volume international trade with other nations.
  • Texas has the capability of defending itself against threat of invasion or military force. Tens of millions of firearms are already owned by well-skilled farmers, ranchers and military veterans. Any attempt to occupy Texas with a military force would be far worse than trying to occupy Afghanistan.
  • Texas has a world-class university education system.
  • Texas has a history of independence from tyranny. It’s part of the Texas DNA.
  • Texas has diverse ecology, with 10 climatic regions, 14 soil regions, and 11 distinct ecological regions.
  • Texas is a state with tremendous citizen pride. More than in any other state, Texans identify their state as a source of strength and independence.
  • Texas citizens have a sense of ethics and morality that’s simply missing from many other areas (most notably the Northeastern USA). In Texas, people generally know the difference between right and wrong, and they typically seek to do the “right” thing.
  • Texas has Ron Paul! (Need we say more?)

What would Texas look like if it became its own nation?

  • For starters, Texas could abandon the failing U.S. currency and create its own honest money system. This effort should, of course, be led by none other than Ron Paul, the man who should also be considered for the role of President of Texas.
  • The abandonment of the U.S. currency also means Texas could walk away from the U.S. federal debt. This frees Texas from an almost insufferable financial burden, allowing it to start over with a clean slate and an honest currency. The Central Bank of Texas would be owned by the People of Texas, not by a private corporation (such as with the Federal Reserve).
  • Across the state of Texas, all federal wage taxes would be eliminated, meaning that employee take-home pay would rise and the cost of hiring employees would sharply drop. This would cause a surge of business investment across the state of Texas as employers flock to the state to lower their costs of conducting business in North America.
  • This, in turn, would cause a massive jobs boom as everybody in the state of Texas with any decent education would be able to find a job offering good pay.
  • The lack of any further burden to fund the U.S. empire’s military presence in over 130 nations around the world would equal a financial windfall for Texas, which could use the new surge in business taxes and sales taxes to fund real infrastructure: Expanded universities, railroads, airports and more.
  • Across the new nation of Texas, there would no longer be any need to file a federal income tax return on April 15th. This alone would vastly improve the “happiness quotient” of all Texans.
  • If Texas simultaneously legalized health freedom as was suggested by Rep. Ron Paul in his “Health Freedom Protection Act,” the state would experience yet another economic boom in the realm of natural medicine practitioners and natural product manufacturers. To accomplish this level of freedom, however, the criminally-run Texas Medical Board would need to be gutted and replaced with people who understand and appreciate the role of complementary medicine in preventing chronic disease (nutrition, medicinal herbs, etc.).
  • If Texas ended the absurd federal criminalization of growing industrial hemp, the state could experience a golden revolution in farming through the state-wide planting and harvesting of hemp. This would transform Texas into an agricultural Mecca and instantly make it a massive exporter of high-profit hemp to the other 49 states.
  • As its own nation, Texas would shut down all federal offices within the new nation of Texas, expelling feds as people with no authority. This would immediately end the scourge of the DEA, ATF, FDA and USDA, among other “gang-style” agencies that routinely betray the American people. Instead, Texas would form its own local agencies to handle any necessary tasks, all with the benefit of local input and local planning.
  • Any who did not wish to be part of Texas as a new independent nation would be free to leave the state and continue their lives in the collapsing economy of Obammunism, with all its police state tyranny, oppression and destruction of the Bill of Rights. This would include the entire City Council of Austin, a cabal of corrupt communists and Big Government apologists who would likely be marched to the border of Texas at gunpoint. As Obama’s nation collapses under debt and tyranny, Texas will be growing by leaps and bounds under a renewed philosophy of economic freedom for the People.
  • Imagine 268,000 square miles of FREEDOM
3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 15, 2012 11:59 pm

    Well that should make them think war against Iran or any one is not possible. It can be done but the details are heavy. Haoy to send all the neo Con there. The probably go to war against Mexico or join the Cartel officially.

  2. charger supanizz permalink
    November 15, 2012 10:43 am

    sounds perfect but what are they going to do about austin? that city is just to the right of san francisco. real loosy goosy and liberal. maybe, dare i say it, a little liberal voice for the sake of debate would be a good thing. sign me up it sounds perfect. will they enforce their border with mexico? coming from L.A. , immigration is the biggest issue i know of. id hate to go from one sanctuary city to another.

  3. Rwolf permalink
    November 15, 2012 8:36 am

    Sounds Great! I’m ready to pack my bags and head to TEXAS.

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