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Panetta: Cuts Must Come from Entitlements

November 15, 2012
William Bigelow
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Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is acknowledging that cuts in the federal budget should come from entitlements, not the defense budget.

Asked about sequestration, which the White House proposed in order to play chicken with the Republicans over tax cuts, Panetta said:

The fact is that, you know, we have addressed the discretionary area, we’ve taken almost a trillion dollars out of discretionary area and out of defense alone, almost a half a trillion dollars just out of defense. I think the responsibility now, both Republicans and Democrats, has to be to look at the entitlement area, what savings can be achieved on entitlements and what additional revenues need to be on the table as well.

Panetta has been saying he opposes defense cuts since September:

We… cannot maintain a strong defense for this country if sequester is allowed to happen, number one… We need stability. You want a strong national defense for this country? I need to have some stability. And that’s what I’m asking the Congress to do. Give me some stability with regards to the funding of the Defense Department.

Panetta tried to blame Congress for the impending sequestration cuts as far back as August 2011, even though it was Obama who had started the battle; in The Price of Politics, Bob Woodward wrote, “President Barack Obama’s top deputies believed the prospect of massive defense cuts would compel Republicans to agree to a deficit-cutting grand bargain.”

White House officials have acknowledged that “sequestration was meant to be so terrible to prompt lawmakers to compromise and avoid it.”

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  1. upaces88 permalink
    November 16, 2012 1:28 am

    Stop giving the Illegals Food Stamps and Healthcare. Plus they also receive an “x” amount of dollars a month for??? I am not sure how or why….BUT, I do know that through the Federal Government one family of “illeglas” gets $800 per month because(????)
    On my very short block alone of about 12 homes, there are 4 families of illegals.
    One family only has two children. So? So, when they go to apply, the take their neighbor’s (or relative’s?) 3 children with them to apply for food stamps. The next day, the neighbor (or relative) they borrowed the children from..then borrow their children and go to the food stamp office for the same reason.

    I have been shopping at the same grocery store for years…so I know all of the employees. The illegals come in and the husband and wife both grab a basket. They fill both up top and bottom with food and pay with food stamps. Then they go out to the car, unload the groceries and go back into the store and grab two more carts. This time they fill up the carts (top and bottom) with cases of beer and wine.

    Go back to making it HARD to get them for everyone else also. Now all you have to do is just apply. Years ago, here in Texas anyway, IF you had a car, you couldn’t get food stamps. They figured you could sell the car for food and ride the bus.

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