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Boehner Folds, Tax Hikes on Table

November 8, 2012
AWR Hawkins

The day after Obama’s spend, spend, spend, and tax, tax, tax, policies garnered him a second term in the White House, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) offered the president a way to save the economy which included raising taxes “under the right conditions.”

With all due respect to Speaker Boehner, when in the hell are the right conditions to raise taxes?

Our economy is not simply on its last leg but its last knee. We are down, and headed toward down and out if the president continues along the path he’s been on for four years. How in the world can taking even more money out of the America peoples’ paychecks help this situation?

Any additional increase in taxes will make the already high gas prices, the looming end of the Bush tax cuts, and the $2600 more a year middle class families are paying for healthcare under Obama unbearable.

Tax hikes could truly spell the end of middle class upward mobility.

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  1. November 8, 2012 11:45 pm

    Boehener did not fold I am concerned some elements will push for a repeat of last four years making Obama look powerless. I do not like our Congress, the house of the people, to be used for playing games like pulling the rug from under a person. It tells me something about such people vicious instinct that I deeply dislike. furthermore I do not like the self serving rules Congress enacted. The world is too risky and complex now to play games and feel important. I think each important Bill should stand and be voted on by itself on it merit, not packaging. I dislike attached bills eaither.
    The idiotic issue such as has the Bush special tax deduction he gave to very wealty people, that bill is expiring, it is common sense that giving the condition of the economy we inherited from those same people it takes a void brain to demand an extension. It is not a taking back of what Bush gave them, that ends, it is demanding renewal of the same gift, it is outrageous and they sound stupid in their argument. That does not defendS Obama overspending, keeping in mind that is was done by Congress on the Health care not Obama who does not control Congress.

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