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Obama Supporters Trust a Lesbian and Two Stand-Up Comedians for Truthful News

October 27, 2012
Dave Jolly

I watch a number of different news programs as they all seem to have a different vent on the same story and issues.  However one thing is perfectly clear, most of the main stream news networks and reporters are very liberal and bias their news to favor Obama and Democrats.  Fox News seems to be the only major network that begins to report from a conservative side and often favors Republicans, but not always.

Interestingly, MRC TV showed up at an Obama rally held at George Mason University in Virginia and asked the Obama supporters standing in line who they go to to get their news.  The top three news people cited were Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.  A number of them stated that they do NOT turn to Fox News.

The main reasons these Obama supporters listed these three individuals is because they believe they are honest and tell all of the facts.  They believe that a flaming lesbian gay rights activist and two stand-up comedians are trustworthy, honest and tell the whole story.


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  1. October 27, 2012 5:44 pm

    NOT sure what sex has to do with news if one as sense enough to check news according to their subject. Meaning, if looking for neutral facts about Gay and Lesbian issues I will not fully accept the info. from activist Gay and Lesbian. Interestingly the Gay Lesbian activist group just kicked Obama on his rear and announced they support Romney. But I find Rachel reserved on the subject and does not argue the point in terms of good or bad, as it should be only legal illegal or none of any one business. On the last part, I respect private business, but that goes both ways, don’t force the issue on others, don’t SOCIALIZE it as normal where is is not want it. Legally it is not a secular issue and its rules apply to all equally. As for the word Marriage, it is a word like any other word that originates to describe a specific concept of a union between a men and a woman. It became a secular issue regarding the consequences of such unions, meaning children. An issue that does not Gay and Lesbian procreation but only a legal issue of property division for issues other than joint procreation. So, what is the issue other than political trivia. Any breach pf privacy harassment or violence is cover by standing laws.
    Politically, Gay and Lesbian have as much at stake in the economic and international position of this nation that do every rational citizen.

    I have experienced war and seen death and there is nothing more shattering to me that see the eyes of a great fellow closing forever, sacrificed to a war of power for control of global land and resources that belong to others. But I fully uphold the right of DEFENSE from attacks based on malevolence, greed, and lust for power ans domain.
    To that end I wold not send our troops to defend Romney foreign investments and pen up markets for them, that is what Diplomacy and Embassies are for, not for Leadership and glory.

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