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Who is Michael Taylor, really? Monsanto, the FDA and a history of evil

October 27, 2012
J. D. Heyes

“…[A]ll knowledgeable observers understand that technological advance and population aging are inexorable and costly and that sustained control of health care costs is possible only by denying some beneficial care to some people.”

Who wrote that?

His name is Henry J. Aaron, and he wrote that in a Jan. 23, 2000, opinion piece for the Washington Post.

Aaron appears to be making the case that serious healthcare experts believe that rationing care to some Americans is the only way to save this nation’s healthcare system.

This Brookings Institution scholar made a similar argument nine years later, in 2009, in a paper where he argued that it has become “necessary to develop protocols that enable providers to identify in advance patients in whom expected benefits of treatment are lower than costs [and] to design incentives that encourage providers to act on those protocols.”

Why does his opinion matter?

Because in November 2011, President Barack Obama nominated him to be on the Social Security Advisory Board , a panel which, critics say, could serve in a rationing role under Obamacare regulations down the road by recommending cuts to Social Security benefits, as a way to control the budget.

In short, Obama has oft-denied critics’ claims that his healthcare reform law would ever lead to rationing of care, but he nevertheless nominated someone who has argued for rationing his entire professional career to be on a panel that could play a role in that very thing.

Enter Michael Taylor. Who is he?

“The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar,” writes foremost healthy food consumer advocate Jeffrey Smith over at the Huffington Post.

Here’s his story.

And now… the rest of the story. …..
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