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Cleveland City Council Pressures Clear Channel Into Removing Anti-Voter Fraud Billboards

October 23, 2012
Ben Shapiro
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Ads placed throughout Ohio and Wisconsin warning people against voter fraud have been removed by Clear Channel after leftists intimidated the company into removing them. The billboards read, “VOTER FRAUD IS A FELON! UP TO 3 ½ YEARS & $10,000 Fine.” Critics suggested that the obviously race-neutral billboard was actually racist, since it was placed in disproportionately minority communities. Cleveland City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland said that Clear Channel’s decision to remove the billboards was “fantastic news.”

Clear Channel’s decision to remove the billboards came after liberal groups suggested that Clear Channel had violated its policies regarding posting of anonymous political messages. But the real reason for the removal was obvious: the left pressured Clear Channel into caving. Not only that – Clear Channel decided to put up billboards to replace the removed billboards reading, “VOTING IS A RIGHT. NOT A CRIME!” Cleveland City Council says they’ll pay for five of those. Clear Channel will donate another ten.

Another example of government encroachment on First Amendment freedoms. And another example of the left getting its way – even when nothing is truly wrong. Said Phyllis Cleveland, it’s “a great example of free speech in action.” She said that the billboards were “free speech … and so was the community’s response.” Actually, trying to shut down free speech is not free speech. But the left doesn’t know the difference.

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  1. October 23, 2012 11:32 am

    Voter Fraud Is The Primary Concerns Of This Election…

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