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Barack Obama: Lying Style, No Substance

October 18, 2012
Dr. Susan Berry

Some have observed that the importance of the debates is that they allow voters to view the candidates’ “style vs. substance.” After Tuesday night’s presidential debate, it seems President Obama is going for a “lying” style while still opting for no substance, an approach that certainly brings into question his competence.

A continually spinning theme that seems especially important to members of the Obama administration is the one that they apparently believe will deliver the all-important “women’s vote.” According to President Obama and his party, the women of this country–766,000 more of whom, by the way, are unemployed since Obama took office–are not too concerned about the economy, jobs, or the high costs of food and gasoline. They’re worried, instead, about where their next birth control pill is going to come from, and whether they’ll be able to buy condoms again this month. Fortunately for the president, a young woman, who hardly looked old enough to have experienced much unequal pay for women in the workplace, asked the question during the debate that allowed Obama, though rather clumsily, to build the bridge to the monumental contraception issue. After all, unequal pay for women easily translates into contraception in everyone’s mind.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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