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Supporting Jihadists and Destroying Christians as State Department Policy?

October 18, 2012
Mark Horne

Assad is a tyrant and he personally deserves anything he gets. But what about the two million Christians who have been living in Syria peacefully until recently? Do they deserve persecution, exile, and or death?

But persecution, exile, and even death is what they are receiving at the hands of Jihadists, and ultimately at the hands of White House intervention.

Whatever the problems and tragedies that are endemic in Islamic culture, the fact remains that Syrian Muslims and Syrian Christians have dwelt side by side for centuries. It wasn’t a great situation by American democratic standards. It hasn’t been blissful. But it was more or less peaceful. Muslims, whatever they thought or said about Christianity in the abstract, knew and lived with their specific Christian neighbors.

With the so-called “civil war” now under way, that peace has been shattered. It is not just because Assad enforced religious tolerance. It is because the Syrian carnage is not simply a civil war. Many of the fighters are from outside the country. The ancient Christian communities mean nothing to these people. All they see is an infidel religion and a group that will tend to prefer the secular dictator to their religious vision of Sharia law.

And now… the rest of the story. …..
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