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Hillary Clinton: Accomplice to Liars

October 14, 2012
Dr. Susan Berry

Have Americans had enough yet of Hillary Clinton being placed on a phony pedestal as the political star who would beat any presidential candidate, were she only to agree to run? How is it that Mrs. Clinton continually polls as a most desirable and trustworthy leader? Just this past July, a Gallup poll found that Mrs. Clinton’s favorability rating was 66%, a full 12% higher than that of Barack Obama!

What has Hillary Clinton done to invite such high levels of praise and esteem? HillaryCare? Stuck by her husband (who also polled at 66% favorability!) who lied, straight-faced, to the American people? Hurriedly “moved” to New York so she could become that state’s next U.S. Senator? Slammed Barack Obama on the primary campaign trail, only to turn around to become his Secretary of State, supporting his every move to denigrate America throughout the world? Ignored the pleas for additional security from our ambassador to Libya as 9/11 approached, then covered up the real events that led up to his murder by blaming an obscure, cartoonish video as well as the First Amendment?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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