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Criminalization of Islamophobia: Legalizing Jihad for OIC

October 12, 2012

Since the scandal surrounding the Islamophobic film “Innocence of Muslims” erupted on an Egyptian Islamist channel on the occasion of the anniversary of September 11th, much ink and blood has flowed. The fanatical Salafists resurrected a film (which previously had gone totally unnoticed) which was attributed to a US-Egyptian, who himself had attempted to gain the endorsement of “Zionist Jewish donors.” This version has naturally found a favorable echo among Islamists, masters of conspiracy theories that make Americans and Jews responsible for all the ills of Muslims.

The rest is history, be it in Benghazi (Libya), Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Germany. Very quickly we went from anti-Judaism and anti-Americanism to a widespread hatred of the West in general. In Pakistan, “whites” were attacked, threatened or insulted just because they appeared to be Westerners.

That said, and contrary to what the media, the best amplifiers for Islamists, would have us believe, few massive mobilizations have actually occurred, except those organized in Pakistan by the supporters of the death penalty for blasphemy, and from Lebanon at the instigation of the Shiites of Hizbullah. It is true that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Shiite sponsor of the latter group refuses to be upstaged in the anti-Western rhetoric and the hunt for “Islamophobia”: An Ayatollah has appropriately raised the Salman Rushdie affair by upping to $3 million the contract placed on the head of the author of “The Satanic Verses”.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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