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The Police-State of New York City May be Coming to a City Near You

October 11, 2012
Godfather Politics

The NYPD has assumed the rule of prison guards and is treating the city as its prison. Worse, they are bullying, intimidating, harassing, and actively endangering any police officer who tries to honor the Constitution and treat people with dignity and respect.

One of the most horrible aspects of post-9/11 Amerika is that the hits come from all directions. It would be nice and simple if we could point to one single source of the problem. The Federal Government is a major player, of course, with its Patriot Act and molestarian TSA. But we are fooling ourselves if we think local government is not part of the problem as well.

In New York City, Cops are empowered and, if they are recalcitrant, forced to stop people for doing nothing wrong and to frisk them. “According to their own stop-and-frisk data, the NYPD stops more than 1,800 New Yorkers a day. A New York Times analysis recently determined that more than 20 percent of those stops involve the use of force. And these are only the numbers that the Department records.  Anecdotal evidence suggests both figures are much higher.”

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    October 11, 2012 2:33 pm

    If history is a guide, in Europe when Police like the NYPD increasingly threatened, beat and harmed citizens without Probable Cause—frequently resulted in Citizens fighting back—militarizing, forming paramilitary groups against police to protect them selves.

    For example In Northern Ireland beginning in the early 1980’s British police / military forces embarked on a brutal campaign against Irish Catholics that included some of the same street tactics NYPD has been reported using against New Yorkers. One of the main differences, the British military arrested Citizens without evidence and held them in indefinite detention as method of torture, to break their spirit, to intimidate N. Irish Citizens. It appears U.S. Government could use the National Defense Act of 2012 to have Police Departments such as the NYPD roundup and imprison in indefinite detention Americans not involved in terrorism on the premise they are Belligerents or support hostilities against civilians. Considering International history of oppressive police and tyrannical governments, It is problematic angry Americans harmed by the unconstitutional brutality of police, may believe they have no choice but to strongly resist.

    How can Americans expect police not to be increasingly corrupt when the U.S. Government increasingly—breaks laws that police are suppose to enforce? Consider this Government contradiction and question: Should U.S. Government Pay Americans’ Drug Rehab Costs—If the Government Is Helping–Cartel(s) Import Illegal Drugs?

    If The latest revelations are true, mentioned in the October 5, 2012 New American article “Stratfor Sources: U.S. Troops in Mexico as Feds Aid Cartels” that U.S. Government supports certain drug cartels as “first reported by Narco News”, after WikiLeaks released hacked e-mails from Stratfor, it would appear to confirm accusations made last year by a top Sinaloa operative Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, that U.S. government offered his criminal syndicate virtual immunity to import multi-ton quantities of drugs across the border.

    If U.S. government is helping the Sinaloa Cartel criminal racketeering enterprise or other Cartel import tons of drugs into the United States—Americans injured by those illegal drugs should not hesitate to file Civil Racketeering Lawsuits against the U.S. Government and the law enforcement agencies that participated in helping Cartels import illegal-drugs.

    U.S. criminal courts order defendants as a condition of probation, to attend and pay for expensive private and non-profit drug rehab programs creating a $12-Billion dollar industry. If e.g. the Sinaloa Drug Cartel is the predominant importer of drugs into the United States because of U.S. Government support, shouldn’t the U.S. Government pay the drug rehabilitation costs of American drug users? It would appear Californians injured by a Cartel’s illegal-drugs that U.S. Government helped import into the United States, could sue U.S. Government and any law enforcement agency that assisted the Cartel import illegal-drugs under The California Drug Dealer Liability Act Effective January 1997. In brief the “Act” provides a civil remedy for damages to persons in a community injured as a result of the use of an illegal controlled substance. These persons include parents, employers, insurers, governmental entities, and others who pay for drug treatment or employee assistance programs, as well as infants injured as a result of exposure to controlled substances in utero (” drug babies”). This “Act” enables them to recover damages from those persons in the community who have joined the marketing of illegal controlled substances. A further purpose of this Act is to shift, to the extent possible, the cost of the damage caused by the existence of the market for illegal controlled substances in a community to those who illegally profit from that market.

    Consequently if U.S. Government supports the Sinaloa Cartel or other Cartel that import illegal-drugs into California, victims of illegal-drug use should be able to sue the U.S. Government along with all other participants.

    Every year innocent landlords of residential rental property and motels defend their property against Government Civil Asset Forfeiture because unbeknownst to an owner, a tenant or guest at their property is alleged by government to have sold or distributed illegal drugs. It is a conflict of interest for U.S. Government to forfeit real estate from innocent landlords if Government participates is supporting illegal-drug Cartel criminal enterprise to import illegal drugs into America—foreseeable to taint innocent landlords’ property.

    Many U.S. Cities have blocks of blighted buildings caused by illegal drug activity that collapsed real estate values and collected property taxes communities depend on to support their infra structure. If U.S. Government is helping the Sinaloa Drug Cartel or other cartel flood America with illegal drugs, cities and counties economically damaged by U.S. Government’s illegal-drug activities should file Civil RICO Suits to recover damages from the U.S. Government and law enforcement agencies that helped a Drug Cartel import illegal drugs into the U.S. See California Drug Dealer Liability Act Effective January 1997, other states passed similar bills.

    Illegal-drug distribution in America increasingly corrupts police. If U.S. Government actually offered or actually helped the Sinaloa Drug Cartel or other Cartel import illegal-drugs into the U.S as alleged in numerous reports, what kind of message is U.S. Government sending law enforcement. Almost every week the news reports police arrested for selling illegal drugs, taking bribes, falsifying evidence to arrest U.S. Citizens. Police corruption can only get worse if U.S. Government supports drug-Cartels import illegal-drugs into the United States.

    See the October 5, 2012 New American Article at:

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