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Nevada Voter Fraud Law Upheld, ACORN Conviction Sustained

October 10, 2012
Matthew Vadum

Nevada’s law banning cash bonuses for voter registrations has been upheld by that state’s supreme court despite an ACORN-backed legal challenge to its constitutionality.

The decision upholds the 2011 criminal conviction of former senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink for her role in a massive voter fraud conspiracy. Voter fraud, sometimes called vote fraud, election fraud, or electoral fraud, is a catch-all phrase coined by lawyers that encompasses a host of election-related improprieties.

As I reported in my book, Subversion Inc., at least 54 individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud. (Table of convictions available here.)

ACORN itself was convicted of voter fraud in Nevada last year in a case that arose out of the same set of facts as in the Busefink case.

Las Vegas Judge Donald Mosley said the actions of ACORN made “a mockery of our election process.” Mosley called ACORN’s crime “reprehensible” and said it was “the kind of thing you see in some banana republic, Uruguay or someplace, not in the United States.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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