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The Deception Of “Moderate Islam”

October 9, 2012
Right Side News

In the ten plus years since Islamic jihadists, acting in the name of their god, Allah, murdered almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01, daily life in the United States has been tremendously altered by such security measures as waiting in long lines to pass through magnetometers at professional sporting events and submitting to invasive body searches before taking airline flights. In view of these remarkable changes in the way we go about our everyday activities, it is amazing that the following question is not asked, discussed, or analyzed at length in public forums: What exactly has caused such far-reaching and heretofore unusual infringements on the personal freedoms of Americans?

Of course, the answer is not some nondescript or nebulously “radical” terrorism as is commonly and inaccurately reported in the media and misleadingly alleged by the US Government; instead it is purposeful jihad by Shari’a-allegiant Muslims to subjugate non-Islamic believers under Islamic Shari’a law. Recognition of this fact may be politically incorrect and socially discomforting, but it is undeniable.

The logical follow-on question then should be: What does this Islamic jihad mean to Americans? First and foremost it does not mean that we are necessarily at war with worldwide Islam. But it does means that, whether we admit it or not, Shari’a-allegiant Muslims throughout the world are at war with non-Islamic civilization, specifically including America and Israel, based on mandates in the Muslims’ sacred scripture, the Qur’an, and in Islamic law, the Shari’a as recorded in the classic manual of Reliance of the Traveller. Shari’a is the legal gloss on Islamic scripture that turns a theology into a legal-political-military doctrine and system, which demands of its adherents political action and jihad, not merely prayer and ritual.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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