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California Gas Hits $5.89 At The Pump

October 9, 2012
Godfather Politics

If you don’t live in California and are complaining that your gasoline prices are reaching $4 a gallon again, you may want to consider yourself fortunate.  According to AAA, the national average for regular gas is $3.818 per gallon and $4.413 per gallon for the E85 fuel.

The average price in California is $4.668 per gallon; 85¢ a gallon or 22% percent higher than the national average.  Mind you that is the average.  In some areas of California, the price has topped $5 per gallon.  Stations in the Big Sur area are reporting in with prices hitting $5.89 per gallon; $2 per gallon more than the national average.  In many places throughout the state, regular unleaded gas rose by 50¢ per gallon in just the past week.

One of the main reasons why the gas prices are so high in the state is that California has tougher clean air standards than other states that require a cleaner burning fuel to be sold at the pumps.  Consequently, the state has to rely on refineries within their state to produce the cleaner burning fuel as most other refineries thro

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