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From Cairo to California, Obama and the Left are Destroying Our Free Speech

September 30, 2012
Joel B. Pollak

On 9/11, as radical Islamic terrorists were attacking the U.S. consulate in Libya and their sympathizers were raising Al Qaeda banners above the U.S. embassy in Cairo–all, we were later told by the Obama administration, due to outrage at a film–a debate was held at the city council meeting of Santa Monica, CA. Troubled residents wanted to know why the city had banned non-profit groups from running ads on the sides of city buses.

Why couldn’t a good cause, such as the AIDS Walk, be promoted? one man asked. Is it fair that only for-profit companies can make use of such a visible public asset?

The city’s attorney and several council members explained patiently, and not too subtly, that if the city began allowing liberal groups to advertise on buses, it would have to allow all groups–including, for example, Christian family organizations–to run ads on buses also.

The danger, one council member said, was that residents might find such views deeply offensive. To avoid hurt feelings, and to avoid the legal problems of discriminating based on the content of speech, the city had set a policy of prohibiting non-profit ads entirely.

In order to prevent controversial speech–the type that might challenge the political status quo–the left-wing city council decided there should be less speech of any kind.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. September 30, 2012 8:45 pm

    During the fight in Libya and Egypt our press was interviewing some young fighter that keep pointing to the camera to look behind them and were ignored, finally they stopped answering so the camera wen to the wall behind them and there covering the wall was the biggest US flag I had seen abroad. They had a big smile on their faces and I had a few tears in my eyes. If we can forgive that idiot preacher full of hate and the other evangelist
    prostituting the word of Jesus we can surely still love those young people who stood by our flag risking their lives. I will always remember them and we will do our best to expose the hateful Sons of Satan who caused this to break a good relationship that is whop we should g0o after We can use friends there we do NOT need the phony Evangelist Jesus and hate do not gotogetehr.

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