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Now they’re coming for the children

September 29, 2012
Brasscheck TV

Ominous proposed changes in child protection laws.

Giving State absolute power over families.

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  1. September 29, 2012 9:22 am

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    (1) Forcible State confiscation of ANY child — at the whim of social agencies.

    (2) Parents would have no say in this ‘confiscation’ — all legal constitutional recourse would be gone!

    (3) Forced vaccinations of every child — as the State takes over health and medical decisions.

    (4) Children’s exposure to information on pornography, contraception, paedophilia and every sort of depraved immoral behaviour all in the name of “equality” and “inclusivity” and “non-discrimination”.

    (5) Reporting of parents by neighbours, shop onlookers or vindictive family members of suspected ‘abuse’.

    (6) Unbelievably, children must be “protected” from the opinions or faith beliefs of parents if these are considered a basis of “discrimination” or “punishment”.(Article 2 UNCRC) What about a naughty child?

    (7) Imprisonment of noncomplying parents who do not desist from “imposing” their religious views on their children.

    (8) Unprecedented autonomy of children to pursue their own wishes in eg what they view on internet, who they associate with.

    (9) Children to decide and report on their parents if parents’ rules, discipline or religious faith be deemed too restrictive.

    (10) Children taught to defy, mistrust or accuse their parents of criminal deprivation or emotional abuse should the child’s whims not be fulfilled.

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