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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Leads, Obama Follows

September 18, 2012
Ben Shapiro

Today, UN Ambassador Susan Rice explained to Jake Tapper of ABC News that America wasn’t “impotent” in the Middle East. What was her proof?

Let’s look at what’s happened. It’s quite the opposite of being impotent. We have worked with the governments in Egypt. President Obama picked up the phone and talked to President Morsi in Egypt. And as soon as he did that, the security provided to our personnel in our embassies dramatically increased.

Tapper rightly pointed out that for two days, Egyptian President Morsi, an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-American Muslim Brotherhood leader, said nothing. But Rice continued:

President Morsi has been out repeatedly and said that he condemns this violence. He’s called off — and his people have called off any further demonstrations and have made very clear that this has to stop.

If this is demonstration of American influence and power in the Middle East, we’re in serious trouble. Far from Morsi taking American cues this week, President Obama took Morsi’s cues. Morsi was the tip of the spear during the Arab Spring; now he’s dictating the politics of the Islamist Uprising. This week, he told Obama to jump; Obama asked how high.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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