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The Obamas: Take an Organizer Into Your Home

September 14, 2012
William Bigelow

Hey, Washington D.C. residents, isn’t your dream to have some dude from California smoking a joint with his boyfriend or some girl with sawed-off hair wearing a shirt that reads “I gave at the office – and everywhere else ‘cause I’m Pro-choice” live at your house with your kids?

Now the Obama campaign is giving you that dream of a lifetime.  Obama is asking you to house out-of-state volunteers for the last weeks of the campaign so they can go door-to-door for the Anointed One. Obama was subtle; he asked D.C. residents if they’d “got a spare couch or a bed”  for an army of volunteers. Lisa Clavel, the Obama campaign’s Virginia State Director, babbled:

Some great folks we know are looking for a friendly place to stay. A group of the most dedicated organizers and volunteers will be coming to Northern Virginia for the remaining weeks of the campaign. They heard we’re looking to run a fierce ground game for President Obama this fall — and they want to be a part of it. But here’s the thing: They need somewhere to stay. And I’m hoping you can lend them a hand with that.

Clavel reassured the locals that their houseguests would be low-maintenance because they’ll use public transportation and work during the day.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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