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The RNC declaration of war, and the coming revolution

September 10, 2012

Dear America,

Apparently, my explanatory talents are not one of oration, but of writing. I am a prolific writer with 340 published as the Lafayette Examiner for the last 3.7 years. I consider you a close friend, and yet we find ourselves at odds and divided by the political process we now find ourselves in. What we face in America’s future is indeed a daunting challenge, and it seems at this time that only a few Americans understand the need to wake up. This “liberty” movement, is however, growing, and those who finally see the road ahead, is shouting it from the roof-tops. Liberty!

Most don’t seem to grasp the gravity of what happen at the GOP in Tampa. The RNC changed the rules at the very last minute, and seated their own representatives, displacing duly elected delegates from each state. They made it impossible for Dr. Paul to be nominated from the floor. It means that we the people no longer have the power to promote change. Never again can a grass-root movement have a voice in the process, and the candidate will be chosen for us without consent. It means we are now complete slaves to the system, without a voice. It is the same reason Obama is now our president.

You told me that the greatest Republican President was Ronald Reagan. If these rules had been implemented just prior to that election Ronald Reagan would not have been nominated, nor would have John F. Kennedy, the greatest Democrat who ever lived. The reason most don’t understand Dr. Paul’s message is because they get all information from the liberal newspaper, and the black box who are owned and controlled by the same conglomerate media. Only 3 percent of Americans read books, and most of it is fiction… We do not have a free press in America.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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