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DREAM Act Beneficiary Speaks at DNC

September 7, 2012
Mary Chastain
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Last night at the DNC, the Democrats put a woman at the podium who has been living in the US illegally for many years.

Ms. Benita Veliz is a 23 year old who was brought to American when she was eight. President Obama’s DREAM Act was able to halt her deportation. Although she’s very accomplished, the fact remains Ms. Veliz is here in violation of federal law.

Political pandering aside, America’s immigration program isn’t perfect, but it’s still the law and it applies to everyone. Apparently, no one is above the law, except people who can help out the Democrats.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who helped draft the Arizona immigration crackdown law and stiffer enforcement language in the Republicans’ 2012 platform, said that in hosting Ms. Veliz, the Democratic National Convention is sending the wrong message.

“The DNC leaders are now portraying law breakers as heroes,” he said. “They are promoting the myth that Dream Act amnesty recipients are not responsible for their law breaking, referring them as ‘children.’ … When these adults choose to stay illegally in the United States in defiance of federal law, they are defying our country’s laws. Now the DNC is cheering them on.”

Both party conventions showcased the rising influence of Hispanic members and office holders.

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  1. September 8, 2012 12:08 am

    No matter how we look at it we are a nation of law and legal mean only can change existing law.
    There is an additional issue emerging on border states like California, and that is an increase of respect for employers steeling by house helper in such number it is the standard and it came about by a very common tradition and that is the emergence of resistance groups who teach this is not steeling but a taking back what belongs to Latinos stolen from them.
    It is such an old issue goes back centuries. Like soldier being trained it is OK to kill the enemy. It is difficult to recognize cleaver behaviour on how to fool the enemy and innocent timid girls. Obama must learn. It is a matter of power. A people that feels persecuted or just treated unfairly all of a sudden they have power, even nations often cannot handle power. It is the same individually as it is among nations. Lets look at Israel, nothing is ever enough why? Because hunger for power wants it all they can get. And an African ruler once said “it is our turn now, don’t change the rules The far right here have money -power but no breeding for it.
    Yes those dreamer want a chance but to think they are all innocent and sweet as they used to be is foolish they are now mastering the art of taking the Gringo for all they can with their new power.And cannot deny the cause of this behaviour toward people who treated them like second class intruders. But no one is a kind gringo any more they handlers is ready to remind then no such thing.
    But you have seen movies. I know first hand a succession of them, some helper some I just give some looking to save money,a free room built in the garage to use sme day for elder care for me., All 3 two women one man tried to take me for all they can and the help.3 of them all took money and valuable, not small total s far $35.000.oo before I stopped them, cash and silver collection gone. The Sheriff, the people will tell you “don’t bother call they will say you just dont remember and the sheriff hollered at me on the phone I was so fast to accuse my housekeeper and would not give me report. But I called my Rep. who is very good and i no time checked and they lounched a big investigation of Police and sheriff officers and I was right fully paid by the cartel of bribery and oer issue oher people complained including County oficials. So it sprea and they are cleaning out the Barn and Ross Perot used to say. Now try for cleaning out Congress. .

    So, Mr President careful and do tell those poor little innocent that you expect the to go to work not strut their new found power.

  2. September 7, 2012 7:48 pm

    If Ms. Benita Veliz doesn’t have legal documents, she will suffer according to Dream Act and yes it is very true, America’s immigration program isn’t perfect but is a law and it is applying for everyone. We all should have to respect for law.

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