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The Radical Judges Who Struck Down Texas’ Voter ID Law

August 31, 2012
Right Side News

Left-wing judges-for-life struck down a new Texas law yesterday that requires voters to present photo identification before voting

The decision was one of two odious Texas-related federal court rulings handed down this week. Both seem likely to inject a liberal dose of chaos into the upcoming election in a state known for its legendarily robust election fraud.

“Chalk up another victory for fraud,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday. “Today, federal judges subverted the will of the people of Texas.”

“If this ruling stands, more Americans – particularly those who are minorities or poor – will be subject to having their votes stolen in the state of Texas this fall,” said Horace Cooper, a former constitutional law professor who is now Adjunct Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research. Cooper is also author of the report, “Victims of Voter Fraud: Poor and Disadvantaged are Most Likely to Have Their Vote Stolen.”

The short version of the ruling in Texas v. Holder (the long version is available here) is that poor people, many of whom are not white, will somehow be inconvenienced by the state’s requirement that voters actually prove who they are before exercising their sacred democratic rights. Would-be voters “who possess none of the underlying forms of identification will have to bear out-of-pocket costs” in order to obtain acceptable ID, according to the judicial decision.

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