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State Dept.: No Middle Eastern Terrorists In Latin America

August 26, 2012
Judicial Watch

Months after the world’s largest Spanish news network revealed that Middle Eastern terrorists infiltrated Latin America to plan an attack against the United States, the Obama Administration has determined that the groups don’t seem to have a presence in the region though there is growing concern.

The assessment, made public recently via a lengthy State Department report on terrorism, contradicts an alarming exposé broadcast last December in a Univision documentary titled “La Amenaza Irani” (Iranian Threat). Using undercover, never-before-seen video footage, the documentary illustrates how Middle Eastern terrorists have infiltrated Latin American countries—especially Mexico—to plan an attack against the U.S.

The videos were part of a seven-month investigation in which college-aged Mexicans infiltrated diplomatic circles in Mexico to obtain recordings that prove diplomats from Iran, Venezuela and Cuba planned a cybernetic attack against the White House, FBI, Pentagon and U.S. nuclear plants. The Univision documentary also features secret video taken by extremists linked to Iran and footage from an undercover journalist who infiltrated Venezuelan military camps where terrorists trained.

The news network’s investigative team also tracked the expansion of Iranian interests in the hemisphere, including money-laundering and drug-trafficking activities by terrorist groups supported by Iran. A segment is dedicated to the connection between Mexican drug cartels and the foiled plot to murder the Saudi ambassador in Washington D.C. last year.  One of the Iranians charged had been ordered by that country’s Special Forces to travel to Mexico to recruit members of the notorious drug cartel “Los Zetas” to carry out the plot. The massive scheme against U.S. government information and computer systems had been in the works years earlier, the documentary reveals.

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  1. Erica permalink
    August 26, 2012 3:53 pm

    cannot print????

  2. August 26, 2012 3:47 pm

    It is possible but so many of these false flags possibilities have been tracked to Israeli infiltrator of global Media and government intelligence services, like the ambassador attempted assassination, that one tend to wait for facts. Israel strenght is based on her uncanny ability to have fifth columns every where, it has done so for centuries and it has gained support for their own plans from Nations using her connection globally. Services it uses for extracting support for Jewish causes and Israel. Espionage and fifth column is an old tradition and usually relatively armless until modern techniques turned it into a war weapon.
    Jewish people and Israeli have people working and living in most areas of the world where many reached high advisory position to the Monarchs or leaders of the nations. Unfortunately they are expert of the old Machiavellian theory which they use with no regrets.. It gives Israel the power to influence event in their favors. The Question here always remains “Who is guilty of consequences?” In modern times I feel the leader must know right from wrong unless the plan moves to forced implementation. In this case a healthy suspicious is good for our Nation. One cannot claim trust from a friend when it comes with other people’s lives. The founder were well aware of this and warned us to stay away from foreign intrigue. When it comes to the survival of this nation and its people I trust NO ONE except proven facts. Especially in a world where False Flag is now so common. BE SAFE AND CLOSE THE BORDERS.
    Trust only people with proven record on the survival of the USA. Hard to do when we have Presidential and Congressional candidate that run on a record of putting preferred foreign entities interests first.

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