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Former W.H. Press Secretary Labels Anyone Telling the Truth a ‘Right-Wing Nut Job’

August 22, 2012

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appeared on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace. The interview lasted thirteen and half minutes with the bulk of the conversation focusing on Obama’s $716 billion cut of Medicare.

In the interview, Wallace continued to press the point that Medicare can’t survive with such a huge cut without hindering services.  He even quoted the Medicare actuary who said it can’t survive.

Yet Gibbs continually defended the cuts by saying that Medicare has to make changes to the system which is what the cuts are designed to do.  One example he made was stating that under the current system, if an elderly man gets admitted to the hospital, released and then readmitted for the same thing and then it happens again, the hospital will get paid each time the man is admitted.  The way he made the statement, he leads you to believe that the hospital will only get paid once and no matter how many times the man gets admitted afterward, they will receive no further payment.

If that’s the case, do you really expect this elderly man to get the health coverage and benefits he needs or will he be turned away because the hospital won’t get paid?

Gibbs adamantly said that no one will be affected by the cuts and that they could end up getting better care.  It didn’t matter what Wallace tried to say, Gibbs was like a broken record that kept playing the same response over and over and over again.

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