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Sharia Law Is Not a Threat? Ask the Residents of Northern Mali

August 19, 2012
da Tagliare
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I recently wrote about California politicians urging support of Sharia lawand claiming that it is not a threat to Americans or American law.  If these liberal politicians truly believe this, then they need to talk to the residents of northern Mali.

In March of this year, armed Islamic radicals, with ties to al Qaeda, took control of parts of northern Mali, including several towns.  Since the Islamic take over, Sharia law has been imposed and strictly enforced.  The results have been the cutting off of the hand of a thief, public whippings of couples deemed illegitimate along with people who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.  They have forbidden many youth from playing soccer or watching television.  One couple was accused of having relations without being married.  The sentence, which was promptly carried out was stoning to death.

The people of northern Mali at first welcomed the Islamists because they seem to respect the people and treat them well.  The Islamists gave the locals gifts during their holy month of Ramadan.  It wasn’t long after being welcomed in that the Islamists exerted force and took control of the area and established Sharia law as the rule to be followed.

Supporters of Islam and Sharia law here in the United States all say that these are extremists and that this could never happen here.  That’s what the people of northern Mali also said and look what is happening there.  Islamists claimed to be their friends and pose no threat, but it wasn’t long before the crouching tiger bared its teeth and began to snarl.

Sharia law is alike a leak in a dam.  At first it’s just a small drip or trickle and poses no threat.  But left unattended, it will begin to weaken the structure around it, causing the leak to get bigger and bigger until suddenly, the dam’s integrity is weakened too far to withstand the pressure of the water behind it and it collapses.  Once the dam breaks, the wall of water, mud and debris will destroy everything downstream in its path.  The same thing is true about Sharia law.  Once unleashed it will have its way and destroy everything in its path.

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