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Racialism in Obamaland

August 18, 2012
Quin Hillyer

News on four fronts in one week give further evidence, as if any still were needed, that the Obama administration actively and fiercely acts from an ugly, racialist mindset. The first two developments are attitudinal; the other two, more serious in the long term, involve specific legal positions taken, or ducked, by Attorney General Eric Holder’s lawless Department of Justice (DoJ).

By far the least important, but still attitudinally instructive, was Wednesday’s Daily Caller report that as a third-year law student, First Lady Michelle Obama “argued for race-based faculty hiring.” Harking back to a college essay and even a sit-in, especially by spouse rather than a direct policy-maker, doesn’t necessarily constitute a fair assessment of administration policy – but when it comports so closely with so many other administration actions, which in this case it does, it does add further to an overall picture of a presidency that sees the world through an extremely heightened racial prism.

This comes on top of Vice President Joe Biden’s racially charged accusation before a largely black audience that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would put people “back in chains.” That remark seems less like a mere slip of the lip when combined with other recent administration comments also ratcheting up racial sensitivities, such as Barack Obama’s statement that deceased Florida teen Trayvon Martin “would look like my son” and the long-running race-baiting involved in portraying voter-ID laws as a resurgence of Jim Crow.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. August 18, 2012 6:56 pm

    Not sure if I want to tackle this as the answer is not simple or racial But the only way to
    understand the issue is to determine the motivation and the cause. Something seldom done in those politically motivated issues. So I can only say for a non racial answer I approach complex issue like research or investigation.
    1.Is there racial motivation in this administration? Of course as in most administration. So the questions “is there a preferential motivation toward minorities,? Yes there is. Is it racial? since minorities are the one given second place varous administrations have tried to reverse th consequences by making the number one in their distribution of benefits.
    Breaking that down to cause and effect. Minorities moved up the scale often confuse their new position as “my time now”. The President, especially a minority President must keep that in mind when he makes decisions , as we see now with Latino decision, those rule must not create sense of ” so there”.

    2. Many minorities have memories of majority actions toward them, hard to forget, judge on the basis of “the shoe is on the other side now”. Meaning “expect a bit of crowing”
    3. To deny that racism existed and exist in the USA is like denying history. And be sure one does not confuse racism with other kind of degrading attitude. Romney struggle with his ELITISM same as Southern was with racism. His well camouflaged blast sending Obama back to Chicago and ban hate was vicious, more so that News racist remark because it is based on despising lower class people and a minority challenging him as hard to take, as it is with all people raised to thing they are better that other.

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