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EPA’s ‘Border Environmental’ Agreement Ignores Damage Done by Illegal Aliens

August 16, 2012
Penny Starr

Illegal aliens left an estimated 1,000 tons of trash while crossing the Arizona border into the United States  last year, according to state officials.

According to federal government estimates, illegals each year leave more than 500 tons of trash and more than 100 abandoned vehicles at just one national wildlife refuge along the Arizona border.

But that kind of environmental impact is not mentioned in a new U.S. agreement with Mexico on border environmental issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Aug. 8 that it had signed an agreement with Mexico to address “high priority border environmental issues.”

Those issues, according to the agreement, include reducing air pollution, improving access to clean air and water, and to “enhance compliance assurance and environmental stewardship” on both sides of the border.

But the 43-page document, “Border 2020: U.S-Mexico Environmental Program,” does not include any language about the ongoing impact to federal lands in the United States caused by human and drug trafficking and other illegal activities of Mexican drug cartels and other people who are illegally entering the country.

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