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Authoritarianism or Self-Determination

July 20, 2012
Scott Lazarowitz,

Well, another “Independence” Day has come and gone. Yet, each year that goes by, we have less independence and less freedom to direct and control our own lives and destinies.

Just what happened to the passion for self-determination of the Revolutionaries who seceded from the dictatorial King George’s rule?

When Honest Abe Lincoln used the armed forces to punish people for separating from his rule, that reversed the independence achieved by the earlier Revolutionaries. The idea of self-determination had been stomped by the boot of federal government authority.

And unlike the American Revolutionaries who questioned and challenged creepy King George’s laws, dictates and intrusions, most current Americans seem to be uncritically and unthinkingly accepting of government’s abuses. How can we reverse this trend?

In fact, many Americans are calling for more laws, more bureaucracies, and more police. Worse, those who openly question or criticize government’s incompetent, corrupt or criminal actions are referred to by the authoritarian majority as “unpatriotic” or “conspiracy theorists.”

It is an uphill battle for those of us who want to restore our freedom and our right to self-determination.

And now… the rest of the story. …..


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