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Unholy Trinity: Monsanto, Big Pharma, NWO

July 20, 2012
Dr. Laurie Roth

Pharmaceutical companies will control and make you dependent on their medicine of choice. Monsanto will engineer seeds and control food supplies. Obama, the U.N. and his new world order handlers will manage and control it all.

Long before Obama’s tyrannical and controlling rule on America we were viewed as cattle to be forced into shuts to either brand or slaughter. Underneath our noses and beyond most people’s understanding, food, medicine, property rights and even the length of our life span has been assaulted, designed and planned.

You thought all this time you had the right to live, breath, grow food and function as you felt lead??? Aren’t you a precious little cow? Obama, Monsanto and the New World order crowd believe they have that right to control you, not you. You are simply in the way other than being trained and pushed around as a good little ‘surf’ that creates income for the elite international power brokers.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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