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The America-Haters Strike Again

July 20, 2012
Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center

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Is everyone who doesn’t like this massive government a communist or a fascist? Is it impossible for a person to love America and hate her policies at the same time?

Or, are we supposed to accept that every single person under every single government ever to exist – including the victims of murderers like Stalin, Mussolini, Nero or Napoleon – hated their country because they hated the government that oppressed them?

Unfortunately, some people identify with the methods of these dictators. Take this love letter I received from “Ken”:

Your web site SUCKS .You are all traders and if this was 1952, You would all be shot.Get real you pieces of shit.

To these people, being patriotic is nothing more than showing obedience to those in power. Did Ken think the same way when other presidents were in office?

As far as these government-lovers are concerned, to oppose the federal machine is to hate America. To stand up against politicians who press for more spending, for more invasions of privacy, or for more invasions of other countries – is traitorous.

But, on the other hand, to be a cheerleader for all the bailouts, and mandates, for the wars and indefinite detention is being a good, patriotic American.

Obey little one. Obey.

For them, the government people are America. The president is America. The TSA is America.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. July 21, 2012 12:18 am

    Well Mr. Baldwin, “what goes around comes around” As I remember the barrage of accusations of communist socialist (…..) traitor, UN American “get that piece of …out of there”
    .Not supporting big government and don’t support many of those Democrat Progressive ideas, not a bit but at time you have to make decisions based on what is there and for many of us what the Bush war- like administration left us with was not America at all it reduced this Country to a Banana republic and sold our sovereignty to foreign nations,
    If this president can get America honor back where it was while we followed the Founders advice I will put up with some idea I don’t much like. The damage was not only National Economic etc it was also International respect based on honor and admiration, not gun. Also this President has a web site where you can inform him of what you do not like and why and suggest bettetr way and YOU KNOW by heavens he does use the suggestions if fair and proper. Not just by letter, you will recognize your suggestions in his speeches and deed. But I would not have been as polite as he is when answering the opposition “he had time could not do it admit it” My more direct answer on those insulting approaches is simple “GET YOUR UNPATRIOTIC FOOT OFF THE ECONOMY BREAKS AND IT WOULD WORK. AND BY THE WAY IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU APOLOGIZED TO THIS NATION FOR THE MESS YOU MADE FOR OTHER TO FIX SO YOU CAN PLUNDER AGAIN. That is what he should answer them. So My friend I am here on this Forum because of Ron Paul. For many of us it all comes down to WAR or NO WAR and FOREIGN INTRIGUE, that is why I am still backing this president. As I said all along about the republican bragging how they can get the economy going fast. Yes they will like the Usual brutal leaders always do when in trouble STAR A WAR, that solve the economic problem. Read your history and your Constitution on this subject. Being world leader from the barrel of a gun is not what the Founders had in mind at all. And for us America is more than making money. That is what I write the President when criticizing immigration, “stop that Land of opportunity and start with LAND OF FREESOM FIRST and opportunity, come here for freedom not for easy money.

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