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Holder To La Raza: Your Civil Rights Under ‘Renewed Threat’; Will Address NAACP About Voter ID Laws

July 11, 2012
Tony Lee, Breitbart News

Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the left-wing Hispanic advocacy group, La Raza, last weekend and continued the Obama’s administration strategy of trying to convince and scare minorities into believing that Republicans would take away their civil rights.

Immigration and voter ID laws will be politicized by the administration to motivate Hispanics and Blacks to go to the polls to vote against Republicans, especially since enthusiasm for Obama, especially among Hispanics, has waned since Obama ran as the “hope and change” candidate in 2008.

Holder spoke about immigration and President Barack Obama’s executive order halting the deportations of certain illegal immigrants–and vowed the Justice Department would be watching what happens in Arizona closely by monitoring how the provision of S.B. 1070 that withstood constitutional scrutiny and was upheld by the Supreme Court would be implemented. That provision allows police officers to ask for proof of legal status to those they reasonably suspect may be in the country illegally after that person has been apprehended for another crime.

Holder said his Justice Department has worked tirelessly to make “certain that the hard-won progress of the Civil Rights era is protected,” and that those rights, particularly those of Hispanics, “have come under renewed threat.”

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  1. July 12, 2012 8:23 am

    Thank God, because obama & the progressives are at this point an outlaw government, thumbing their noses at court decisions and laws that they CHOOSE to ignore or even actively attempt to undermine. The people, appalled by the democrat over reach, threw hundreds of Dems out of office in Nov. Do the progressives even slow down??? No.. the ends justify the means, they can’t destroy (transform?) America fast enough and don’t give a damn what the people or the courts say.

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