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The Rise and Threat of Radical Islam: An Interview with Brigitte Gabriel

July 10, 2012
Roger Aronoff, Right Side News

With so much media attention in this country focused on the presidential race and the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, not enough attention is being paid to much of what is going on in the Middle East, and at the United Nations. Egypt has recently chosen as its next president Mohamed Morsi, who was the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has since ended his association, at least officially, with that organization, which spawned Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza. And while Morsi has been congratulated by President Obama, and invited for a visit to the U.S., there is great concern by many that this development does not bode well for the advancement of peace and freedom for the people of Egypt and the region.

What supposedly started out as a democratic, secular uprising in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and other parts of the Arab world, the so-called Arab Spring has become a stunning victory for Islamist forces, mostly forces closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. As terrorism expert Steve Emerson pointed out in a recent column, it was just in the past few months, before he was elected president, that Mohamed Morsi “promised the Quran would be the new constitution of the nation, and then led the crowd in chants of the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto. ‘The Quran is our constitution,’ ‘jihad is our path,’ and ‘death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration,’ the jubilant crowd repeated after Morsi.”

In recent days we have learned that, incredibly, Iran was elected to a top post on the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference, and Syria is about to join China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia on the UN Human Rights Council. The implications of all this are far reaching, and of great relevance to Americans.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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