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When Loving Your Country Makes You As A Domestic Terrorist

July 7, 2012
Tom DeWeese

When I first became involved in political issues and events some 45 years ago as a young man just out of high school, it was because I believed in the ideals of our Founding Fathers. I had a young man’s zeal for the American dream of individuals living their lives free of government control and harassment. I was comfortable in the knowledge that I lived in the greatest nation on earth, where I could speak my mind; choose my own future; and nothing but my own limitations would stand in my way.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were my guidelines. I learned of them in a public school classroom, where we were taught why the American system of free enterprise and limited government were the reasons the United States had the highest standard of living in the world. It was the reason our solders were proud to serve and defend those ideas. Around the world, we were known as honest, trustworthy friends and allies. We were the envy of the world.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. July 8, 2012 7:41 pm

    In many ways he is right of course, but for reason I clearly understand he must clear his mind, except as historical facts to keep in mind as potential repeat. But to be useful in the effort of liberating this nation of our, one must learn not to let our emotional feeling and knowledge of bad things awaken our hurt for past action. I also, and many other people were smeared with any thing that would make us offensive to the public. I wrote and wrote, never fail to alert the new generation as you pass the flag, of warning as i did when the 99 started.
    Only one comment, as those “flags and professional” began to appear and take control. Start as an independent thinking American and STAY American all the way.” To the question “who is your leaders” “we do not need leaders, we discuss the issue and agree on the issue to go after, one at the time, too many issues cause a loss of focus” The 99, now a methodology, are alive and well many of them all over the world, each with their own objective but one goal. We want America back, our America based on American Values passed down from our Founders and people who loved and still love this Nation so badly bruised by greedy hands who only love the money they can make. As for the Poverty Center, they took a wrong turn when they started working with AIPAC that specializes in demolishing people whith whom they do not agree.

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