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Obama to Host The Last Supper

June 27, 2012
Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart News
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Stung by criticism–from both Republicans and Democrats–of their “dinner with Barack” fundraising contests, Barack and Michelle Obama have decided to call it quits. But the leader that senior strategist David Axelrod calls the “black Jesus” is planning to have just one last supper with His disciples, hoping that the betrayal of some of his closest supporters won’t prevent a resurrection of his electoral chances this coming fall. The following is the text of an actual email sent out by the Obama campaign, with the subject “Sad to Say,” asking followers to believe–just one more time–and pass the collection plate for a miraculous comeback:

Friend —

I’m sad to say this is probably the last dinner with supporters that Barack and I will be able to host together before the election.

Today’s the last day you can chip in to be automatically entered for the chance to join us — and I hope you will. You can donate all the way up to midnight tonight, when the campaign will randomly select the winners:

Thanks for everything you’re doing. Every little bit makes a difference.

Hope to see you at dinner,


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  1. Rwolf permalink
    June 30, 2012 7:48 am

    Perhaps one of the reasons Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to produce (the documents) requested by Congress pertaining to “Operation Fast and Furious” that allowed 2,000 guns to be walked across the U.S. Border—to Mexican Narco Terrorists, is that Holder and Obama expect the documents may open the door (before Obama’s election) for a blitz of lawsuits against U.S. Government and Holder by Mexican families whose love ones were injured or killed by “Fast and Furious Guns.”

    If the Justice Department’s “Operation Fast and Furious” purpose was to track guns allowed delivered to Mexican Drug Cartels, why didn’t the Justice Department track what appear—any of 2000 guns walked across the U.S. Border? It was foreseeable to the Justice Department so many U.S. Guns continually walked across the border into Mexico—would result in causing injury and death of innocent Mexicans. Why did the Justice Depart allow continuous deliveries of AK 47s and other guns over many months to Mexican Criminals, when it was known Just Department did not or could not track the guns? It has been reported many Americans believe the purpose of “Operation Fast and Furious” was never to track guns, but to saturate Mexico with U.S. guns causing chaos, so Obama could for political purposes demand Congress restrict—Americans owning guns. U.S. Taxpayers should expect Mexican families whose love ones were injured or killed by “Operation Fast and Furious” guns, may file civil lawsuits against Holder and U.S. Government seeking large settlements.

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