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How President Obama Stole Our Money to Buy Votes

June 9, 2012
Gary DeMar, Godfather Politics

President Obama has been using money that the government took from you and me to “invest” in companies for political purposes. We didn’t give him permission to do this. There is no constitutional basis for such “investments.” If a private equity firm stole money from you and me to invest in a company – no matter how good the investment might be – the managers of that company would go to jail.

We’ve heard about the $535 million dollar “investment” that President Obama made with our money that went to the solar panel manufacturer Solyndra. Solyndra’s after-“investment” bankruptcy is just the tip of the iceberg. Marc A. Thiessen offers the following summary of some of the President’s tax-payer-funded “equity investments” in his article “Forget Bain — Obama’s Public-Equity Record is the Real Scandal”:

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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