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ACORN Offshoot Sues Massachusetts for Failing to Register Welfare Recipients

June 4, 2012
Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

Think ACORN is defunct and no longer able to exert its corrupt influence in the 2012 presidential election campaign? Think again. Splintered across the country, into dozens of difficult to track state organizations, the ACORN network is now working hand-in-hand with the Holder Department of Justice (DOJ) to register voters for Obama’s “Food Stamp Army” to help him retain power in November.

In fact, according to The Associated Press, one of the ACORN offshoots, New England United 4 Justice (NEU4J), recently sued the State of Massachusetts to address the “problem” of registering to vote at welfare and DMV offices:

Massachusetts citizen and community groups are suing the state for allegedly failing to offer recipients of public assistance help in registering to vote.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    June 4, 2012 2:47 pm

    The White House IS Red Not White

    Obama continues to mirror Socialist Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s campaign strategy. To get elected President both Obama and Chavez told voters if elected their Government could pay for an array of unaffordable public programs by taxing higher income citizens and businesses. Obama and Hugo Chavez have been successful motivating large numbers of poor and unemployed that normally don’t not vote to vote for them. Obama exponentially is gaining voter support from the ever-expanding number of Food Stamp and Welfare Recipients; increasingly recipients believe their taxpayer subsidies would be cutback or eliminated if Obama is not re-elected. Chavez in 2008-2009 desperate to pay for his promised unaffordable public programs—nationalized banks, private land and businesses; many Venezuelans that voted for Chavez have since lost their jobs, government handouts and possessions to a horrific recession. Chavez in 2009-2010 had to deploy military forces to intimidate and control Citizens protesting harsh economic conditions.

    Obama a red diaper baby inherently does not represent Americans, but a Marxist ideology that intends to cause civil unrest and economic chaos to force socialism or worse on U.S. Citizens crushing non-believers even at the costs of destroying the U.S. economy and Constitution. Historically when Socialists take over a country, their first step is to control all forms of public communications to control Civilian populations e.g. Obama wants to control the Internet; force government censorship, disseminate government propaganda at taxpayer expense..

    Historically Marxist governments have made communism work by murdering civilian populations considered non-critical citizens until those populations are either exterminated or reduced to a level an unproductive communist government can support; and by stealing the property of jailed and killed Citizens. Some in the Obama Government openly state they support dismantling capitalism, but does their endgame include destruction of the United States. Obviously if free enterprise were dismantled most jobs in America would be vaporized. There would be millions of non-critical U.S, Citizens a Marxist/Socialist Government would not want to support, especially older Citizens.

    Obama does not represent America but an ideology that mandates crushing democracies to accomplish his socialist objectives. It is alarming Obama has control over our police and military.

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