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Colony Collapse Disorder: I Keep Finding Dead Bees Everywhere!

May 27, 2012
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I was outside all the time when I was a kid but never found dead bees. Now I find them almost every time I step out into the garden. Colony Collapse Disorder is a real environmental threat and now Monsanto is hunting down whistleblowers who expose the fact that their herbicides are causing it.

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  1. May 27, 2012 11:41 pm

    There are now some parts of China that are now deprived of bees because of insecticides. The farmers who had to depend on bees to pollenate their crops now have to do it by hand. This story was shown on Nova about a year ago I think, and if we’re not careful we could have the same problem here in the US.

  2. May 27, 2012 11:38 pm

    Now Harold don’t think I am joking but in fairness to all we keep hitting every one except the guilty party and that is we the people.
    We leave in and area where developer love to build expensive homes, now empty, my husband was VP of a Water Company and kept going around looking for small private companies to buy, when I asked why do so when we had enough housing and running out of water, so he explained that when a an approved development applied for water we have no choice but to serve them not our place to deny the development. Now, we keep growing, businesses, some happy some wondering where to go next to keep
    providing. It is a vicious circle because business that spring up to service the growth are not going to close down so the Market keeps advertising junk no one really need and you figure the rest. To stop this demand must drop, well no more jobs…what does tell you the answer is. It must be the source, population growth beyond availableresources not just available production. Surely stop immigration. We must all sing a new song, stop telling me sewer tastes as good as water, high rise can get taller, we can build islands.

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