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U.S. Airlines and Passengers to Pay Emissions Tax to European Union

May 19, 2012
Giacomo, Godfather Politics

Have you ever heard of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme?  Trust me, ‘scheme’ is the right word.

The Trading Scheme was first enacted in 2005 to combat greenhouse gasses and supposed climate changes.  Any industry within the jurisdiction of the European Union (EU) that produces carbon dioxide is required to monitor the amount of emission and report it to the officials.  The EU issues carbon credits and the companies trade them back in to the EU in relation to the amount of their emissions.

In an effort to expand their control of carbon emissions released within the EU jurisdiction, they have decided to place a carbon emission tax on all airlines flying in or out of EU airspace.  Effective in January of this year, the EU emission tax has been levied on all US airlines that start or end their flights in EU airspace.  And, the tax is calculated on the entire flight regardless of how much or how little EU airspace is involved.  For instance, if a flight originates in Los Angeles and lands in London, the EU emission tax will be applied for the entire distance between LA and London, even though it may only have flown a couple hundred miles in EU airspace.

A number of nations (Russia, China, Japan, India and Brazil) are resisting the EU emission tax.  They all believe it is a violation of their own sovereignty.

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