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Defense Contractors New Mission For DHS, Kill Americans!

May 16, 2012

Alex Jones talks with a whistleblower from a major defense contractor who has details on the Department of Homeland Security’s effort to shift the war on terror from Muslims to fighting the American people.

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  1. May 17, 2012 1:44 am

    I most say someone is finally getting off that fabricated distraction
    they offered with “get Obama” Someone is finaly realising the Obama is not evil enough, he still has a heart. Something as evil and as cleaver than Satan itself could have planned the domination of the world and its people they see as nothing more than tool to be used by the few.
    Realizing what is really happening and informing the people takes courage and love of this Country for what it was intended to be. I notice some Fox news people are beginning to ask questions instead of serving the invader like usefull tools. I keep remembering Ike’s warning and JFK cry “I am a prisoner here”, So is Obama, Congress harbors a nest of vipers, both Parties sold out long ago. I will soon be 86 and as a PhD.
    in Government/International Political Risk management I have been taking note of sign after sign missed by people so innocent and secure in the belief it could never happen here, no American would do such thing, they were right, the minds behind this Plot are not American, nor Russia, China etc. They are minds of people that had no power and operates through the power of others,as we did for them after WWII, helping the colonial powers seeking to hang on in a world where power sitting on wealth is the only way to more power. Except the USA, a nation and a people who believed friendship and love was the answer. An innocence that had to be corrupted, and they did. Pick yourself up, as people of faith say NO to evil.

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