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In Loco Insanity

May 5, 2012
Becky Akers,

Kids, the Disabled, and the TSA

In loco parentis” is a slogan the State takes seriously. Very seriously. Throughout history and around the world, governments have savaged citizens as lethally as the most abusive father when they aren’t smothering us worse than any helicopter-mom.

Leviathan also interprets the phrase literally when preying on its youngest serfs. Indeed, the beast and its apologists assume that bureaucrats and politicians are far wiser, more loving, and more qualified to raise children than the poor slobs who birthed them.

That satanic fallacy drove the Orwellian “Department of Children and Family Services” in Cleveland, Ohio, to abduct a boy from his family last Thanksgiving. Its excuse? Timmy ate too well.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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