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Anti-Glenn Beck group honors disgraced czar

May 3, 2012
Aaron Klein, World Net Daily

Soros-funded organization charged former Fox News host with ‘anti-Semitism’

A George Soros-funded leftist group that describes itself as a Jewish organization last night honored Van Jones at its annual dinner gala.

The Jewish Funds for Justice, or JFFJ, was the driving force behind a campaign to paint former Fox News host Glenn Beck as anti-Semitic after Beck used his show to air a special investigation into Soros.

WND previously found JFFJ is led by individuals associated with communist and socialist groups, the children of Soviet spies and a U.S. socialist organization that seeks to infiltrate the Democratic Party.

The group has been vocal in its support of the Occupy movement.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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