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Left-Wing Organization Labels ‘Illegal’ as ‘Slur’

May 1, 2012
Bobby Eberle, GOPUSA

Now I’ve seen it all. In our politically correct world, we’ve seen groups randomly pick a word, label it “offensive,” and then tell everyone they can’t say that word. Now a group has started a campaign called “Drop the I-Word” in an effort to convince people to not describe an illegal alien as “illegal.” Even though the illegal alien’s actions are, in fact, illegal, this group describes the word as a “racially charged slur.”

This new PC movement — the Drop the I-Word campaign — is brought to you by

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. May 2, 2012 2:05 am

    Nothing is more irritating to many people that people changing vocabulary original meaning of a word since it is often done deliberately to confuse because it is redefined. Like Marriage, if Gay wold just find another word for their Union all would be easier. If they want to be difficult “Illegal” by itself only means “not legal” according to specific law. The word by itself requires “illegal action” or illegal something. Illegal immigrant, well now we must define “immigrant” but until a person specifies his/her reason for entering we don’t know if they are immigrant, until he she states what they want they are “Transpessers”. Well think before you laugh.

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