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Houstonians Revolt Over TSA On Buses

April 29, 2012
Paul Joseph Watson, Prison

“It was used as a pretext to harass people”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dozens of outraged residents attended a Houston METRO board meeting yesterday to express their disgust at how TSA workers were used to interrogate passengers on buses during a so-called “anti-terror” exercise last week.

Complaining of how their fourth amendment rights were violated, residents were joined by several prominent lawyers in an extraordinary backlash against the federal agency and local authorities.

The meeting was dominated by more denials on behalf of METRO that warrantless bag searches had occurred during the drill, labeled BusSafe, which was billed as a counter-terror exercise yet only managed to snag alleged prostitutes and drug users.

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    May 1, 2012 6:08 am

    TSA Could Black Ball Americans Using All Forms Of Public Transportation, Including Highways

    TSA’s ongoing mistreatment, humiliation and general abrasive handling of Americans at airports and now buses may be a portent to Americans getting a boot in the face if they refuse to be stripped searched, patted down or x-rayed at highway checkpoints; when boarding—any form of public transportation—bus, train, cruse ship. TSA appears headed toward shutting down Americans’ Right To Travel Freely in their Own Country. It is problematic TSA in the future will blackball Americans using public transportation, including preventing Citizens from driving beyond highway checkpoints.

    The Nazi Military and Police repeatedly targeted for harassment—Citizens boarding trains and buses labeled socially undesirable; intentionally caused targeted Citizens to be late or miss work. Many German Citizens that lost their jobs expectantly could not survive. Targeted Citizens were placed on (Nazi do not hire lists) similar to U.S. Homeland Security, security lists, started in 2010. Foreseeable: unemployed Citizens caught stealing food were sent to Nazi work camps never to be heard from again.

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